In the fall term of the sophomore year, all license track cadets must apply for a USCG Medical Certificate and an entry level Merchant Mariner Credential, commonly referred to as MMC. A valid MMC is required of all U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents of the U.S. in order to sail upon a U.S. Flag Vessel. You are required to possess a valid MMC to participate in Sea Training II-CRU 200/250. 

After attending a mandatory Cadet MMC Meeting, at which time the USCG Oath is administered and witnessed, cadets are provided with detailed instructions to complete and submit a Cadet MMC Application Packet. Cadets will also apply for USCG Medical Certification at this time. Cadets have been assigned to a reserved block for scheduling their physical at the Student Health Center. Click here for the physical schedule.

It is the responsibilty of the cadet to provide the following documents in their completed application packet. All forms can be accessed from the Cadet MMC Application Packet:

  1. Initialed and signed Cadet Statements of Understanding form.

  2. Signed MMC Application Third Party Release form.

  3. Signed Medical Certification Third Party Release form.

  4. CG-719B MMC Application – completed electronically and printed single sided.

  5. Clear color copy of your TWIC.

  6. Clear color copy of your US Passport.

  7. Clear copy of your Pay.Gov payment receipt. Instructions for payment selections are found in the Application Packet.

  8. CG-719K USCG Medical Certificate/Physical form – your portion completed electronically, printed single sided and signed, and completed, signed, and dated by the medical practitioner. 

Please complete the following documents if applicable.  All forms can be accessed from the Cadet MMC Application Packet:

  • Color copy of your Permanent Resident Alien card, the front and back, if applicable.

  • Color copy of your U.S. Certificate of Naturalization, if applicable.

  • CG-719C- USCG Conviction Statement form – for all convictions including driving related convictions other than minor traffic violations, military court martial, and foreign court convictions. Failure to report convictions will delay your credential and may result in denial.

  • CG-719P DOT/USCG Periodic Drug Testing form and lab results, if not a Cal Maritime enrolled student within the previous six months of license application. Cal Maritime recommendation for completion of CG-719P can be found on the Drug Testing Contact Information Sheet.

General Application Information

Double check that your application is completely filled out. Social Security number should only be provided on your first application for a credential. If you possess a MMC, please use your Mariner Reference Number and omit your Social Security number. Your name on your application must match your passort and driver's license exactly! Step-by-step instructions and examples are provided in the Application Packet to assist you with completing each section of the application. 

Please be aware that only complete applications will be accepted.   Any form left blank, missing documents or receipt for payment - anything that you do not provide, will cause your application packet to be delayed in processing. Remove all staples. DO NOT SUBMIT DOUBLE SIDED FORMS.

Your completed application, Pay.Gov receipt, and copies of all the required documents, indicated above, must be dropped off at the Licensing Office, Room 105 of the Student Services Building, by the required due date. 

You will be contacted when your credential  and medical certificate are available for pick-up. A signature will be required for release of these documents to the cadet. Credentials are typically distributed in  early April, just prior to commercial billeting picks.

Looking ahead, please be aware that 3rd Mate and 3rd Assistant Engineer credential issuance and all program certificates are tied to program completion. You cannot be issued an officer credential or program certifications without completion of all degree requirements of your program. Conversely, you cannot be issued a diploma without passing your licensing exams and fulfilling all program requirements. No Diploma = No License. No License = No Diploma.

Contact Information

Mr. Michael Kazek, CDR, USCG (Ret)
Director, USCG Licensing Programs
Associate Professor, Dept. of Engineering Technology
(707) 654-1744

Ms. Robyn Christopher
Coordinator, USCG Licensing Programs
(707) 654-1297
(707) 654-1296 Fax
The USCG Licensing Office is located in Room 105 of the Student Services Building.