Disability related accommodations including academic, housing, ESA, service animal, and dietary are processed by ADSO.  In order to receive services or accommodations, a student must establish a physical, psychological or learning disability. Contacting our offices early to compile the required documentation and conduct the intake process is recommended. Examples of academic accommodations may include: low distraction testing, extended time for tests, note taking, and alternative media. 

ADSO is the only department designated by the University to obtain, review and maintain records of your disability as they pertain to accommodations, and is committed to ensuring that all information regarding a student is confidentially maintained as required by law.

Apply for Services

Students who have a verified disability are eligible for services through the ADSO office.

To receive services, follow these steps:

  1. Students must complete the online appplication process. Students must provide ADSO with verification of disability from an appropriate and acceptable professional. Documents including diagnosis,  prognosis, and functional limitations assist ADSO staff in providing the best fit accommodations. IEP/504 plan documents may be considered based  on content. A student may use the verification of diagnosis form provided on this page. These documents should be uploaded during the online application process. 
  2. Make an appointment for an initial interview. During this meeting, you will discuss the functional limitations you may  experience while on campus and different accommodations that may be helpful.
  3. Additional appointments may be necessary for training and orientation in using specific accommodations to best serve the student.
  4. At the conclusion of the new student appointment, Faculty Notification Letters and other qualification forms will be sent to faculty members. Timely requests are crucial to the process of facilitating accommodations.


Scheduling Tests with Accessibility & Disability Services

  • All testing is now scheduled through the Cadet DSO portal.

Other Student Information


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California State University- Policies

Executive Order 1111: CSU Policy on Disability Support and Accommodations

Coded Memorandum AA 2014-08 Policy on the Provision of Accommodation & Support Services to Students with Disabilities

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