Will I be able to succeed at Cal Maritime with a disability?
Yes, if you are academically well-prepared as evidenced by meeting the eligibility requirements for CSU.  Successful students at Cal Maritime also have good time management skills for balancing academics, sports, leadership activities, community engagement activities and general life responsibilities.

Is tutoring available to students with disabilities?
Tutoring will be available to you to the same extent it is available to non-disabled students.  The SEAS Center offers a variety of tools on study skills, as well as tutoring in most content areas at no charge.  Tutoring is not available for every course.

How much individual attention will I receive as a student with a disability?
As a Cal Maritime student, you can expect to receive the same level of services and attention as non-disabled students, with the exception of disability-based accommodations.  The "mainstreamed" environment may be different from what you are accustomed to, particularly if you are coming from a special education program in high school or special classes at community college.

Where do students with disabilities obtain help with study skills, meeting deadlines, and course selection?
A network of services is available to all students on campus, including those with disabilities. The SEAS Center provides assistance with study skills, and advisers in the academic departments and colleges assist with course selection.  As an enrolled student, you are responsible for being aware of, and following, all Cal Maritime policies, rules and regulations, including observing deadlines.

Are there special classes for students with disabilities at Cal Maritime?
Unlike high schools and community colleges, Cal Maritime does not offer special or remedial classes for students with disabilities.  It is expected that incoming students are academically prepared to pursue university studies.

How do I access the services of the Accessibility & Disability Center?
Disability Services are available to students who have a documented disability that limits a major life activity.  Students who have been admitted to the University are advised to provide the appropriate documentation during the summer prior to their arrival on campus if they will be requesting Fall Semester accommodations. Contact Accessibility & Disabiltity Services by email (scase@csum.edu) for additional information about the type of documentation required.

Who is eligible to receive academic accommodations at Cal Maritime?
Under state law, individuals are eligible to receive reasonable accommodations on the basis of disability at Cal Maritime if they have a physical or mental impairment that limits a major life activity. 


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