Sea Training II (Commercial Cruise)
(Internship at Sea Opportunities)

All students in the Marine Transportation (MT) degree program earn a Bachelor of Science Degree as well as a U.S. Coast Guard Third Mate Unlimited License.  MT students are required to sail on one 100-day commercial cruise. Commercial cruise is completed during the sophomore summer after successfully passing the first training cruise aboard Training Ship Golden Bear during the freshman summer. Cruise cadets sail aboard an actual working commercial vessel to gain hands-on training while experiencing life at sea in their chosen career. There are many exciting commercial cruise opportunities available around the world on all types of vessel platforms. For example, MT students in the past have secured commercial cruise billets with the following companies (not a complete list):

Alaska Marine Highway
Alaska Tanker Company
American Presidents Lines
Chevron Shipping Company
Crowley Maritime
Dredge Operators
Edison Chouest Offshore
Foss Maritime
G&H Towing
Hawaiian Tug & Barge / Young Brothers
Horizon Lines
Hornblower Marine Services
J. Ray McDermott
K-Sea Transportation
Laborde Marine
Maresk Lines Ltd.

Matson Navigation Company
Military Sealift Command
Norwegian Cruise Lines
Ocean Shipholdings
Overseas Shipholding Group
Pasha Hawaii
Polar Tankers
Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Seabulk Tankers
Seacor Marine
United Maritime Group
US Army Corps of Engineers
United States Shipping
Western Towboat

For more information, please contact Chelsea Leff, Career Coordinator of Sea-Going Career Services,, 707-654-1072.


Career Opportunities

MT graduates advance to exciting careers in a number of maritime and shoreside related fields such as sailing as a Third Mate Unlimited officer, joining the US Armed Forces, attending graduate school, working as a stevedore, marketing manager, vessel operations, sales, logistics and numerous government positions to name a few. For example, some of our recent Marine Transportation graduates currently work for:

Alaris Companies LLC
Alaska Marine Highway
Alaska Tanker Company
Allen Lund Co.
B&B Dredging
Bay Delta
Blue & Gold Fleet
Brusco Tug & Barge
Cal Dive International
Chevron Shipping Co.
Crowley Maritime
Cruise West
Edison Chouest
Foss Maritime
G & H Towing
Great Lakes Dredging and Dock
Hawaiian Tug & Barge / Young Brothers
Majestic American Cruise Line
Master Mates and Pilots
Matson Navigation
McAllister Towing
Military Sealift Command

Norwegin Cruise Lines
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Sause Brothers
SeaRiver Maritime
Spirit Cruises
Star Marine Inc
Starlight Marine Services
Stuyvesant Dredging
Transas Marine
U.S. Army Reserve
U.S. Shipping
United States Coast Guard
United States Navy
University of Hawaii
University of Oregon
University of Washington, Research
West Star
Western Towboat
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute


Career Paths

Potential careers upon graduation from Cal Maritime with a Marine Transportation degree:

  • Deep Sea Ship's Officer
    • Cargo/Tankers/
      Passenger Ships
    • Cable Layers
    • Ocean-going & Salvage Tugs
  • Inland Mariner
    • Ship Assist Tugs
    • Barge Handling Tugs
    • Ferries/Hopper Dredges/Crew Boats/Excursion
    • Pilot/Docking Master
  • Shoreside Employment with Maritime/Logistics Firms 
  • Surveying/Casualty Investigation
  • Ballast Control /Dynamic Positioning
  • Admiralty Law/Marine Insurance
  • Ship Broker/Charterer
    • Navigation & Imaging Firms
  • Military (reserves or active)
    • Seagoing (Navy/USCG)
    • Army Officer 
    • Navy/USMC Flight
  • Government Shoreside
    • Natl. Imaging & Mapping
    • Vessel Traffic Service
    • Natl. Oceanographic & Atmos. Admin
  • Government Seagoing
    • Research vessels
    • Surveillance Vessels
    • USACE Dredges
    • Missile Tracking/Telemetry Vessels