Get Help Now

What to do if in case of sexual assault: 

  1. Get to a safe place and call 911.
  2. Do not shower, bathe, douche or change your clothes if you have been assaulted or raped.
  3. Go to a hospital for medical care.The hospital will perform a physical exam and options for the prevention of pregnancy, STIs and HIV/AIDS. 
  4. Medical professionals are required to notify the police whenever they treat a victim/survivor but the decision to make a formal police report is still yours.
  5. Contact friends/family or resources listed below for help and support.
  6. If a decision to not report the incident to the police is made, write down all the details of the assault (who, what, when, where, why and how) in case there is need to change the decision later.
  7. Report the incident, if you choose.  You can report to CalMaritime Title IX Office ( to Law Enforcement (911 or 707-654-1179).

Confidential Resources

Cal Maritime has partnered with SafeQuest Solano (Victim Empowerment & Support Team)

Website: SafeQuest Solano

Our team at SafeQuest Solano is providing support by an advocate for any Cal Maritime students, staff or faculty, in need of emotional support, options, safety planning and resources.

Our advocate, Lisa Franson, is available on campus at Cal Maritime Monday through Thursday 10:00am to 6:00pm and remotely on Friday. They can be reached confidentially through a dedicated phone number and email: (707) 724-9606 or