Issue Type Who is Requesting Resources? Who are the Involved Stakeholders? Resource
Discrimination, Harassment or related retaliation
based on protected status*
Anyone Anyone Marie Hernandez, Interim AVP HR, (707) 654-1138, 
Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct (sexual
assault, battery, rape, domestic violence, stalking)
Anyone Anyone

Cal Maritime PD (707) 654-1176;
Title IX Staff - Dr. Carol D. Branch

Inappropriate/Unprofessional behavior;
Interpersonal conflicts
Anyone Employee Department Supervisor/College Dean;
Respective Union Representative
Student conduct issues Anyone Student

Lennon Prothro-Jones, Dean of Students
(707) 654-1470 

Stress, Family matters, Money Management,
Substance abuse & recovery etc.
Employee and Covered Family Members  

LifeMatters Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Phone number & Company password (CSUM login required)

Counseling Services, Nutritional Counseling,
Victim Advocacy

CAPS (707) 654-1170;
Angeli Acosta, Health Educator
(707) 654-1227;
Confidential Advocate:
(707) 724-9606;

SafeQuest Solano: (866) 487-7233

Observe someone displaying self-injurious
behavior or behavior that poses a risk to the
campus community
Anyone Anyone EMERGENCY 911;
Cal Maritime PD (707) 654-1176;
Complaint against (or about) a student
Anyone Student
Org/member of
student org
Josie Alexander, Exec Director, ASCMA
(707) 654-1142
Reasonable accommodations Employee   Human Resources (707) 654-1138
Reasonable accommodations Anyone Student Lennon Prothro-Jones, Dean of Students
(707) 654-1402
Accessibility Issues (walkway obstructions;
defective elevator/door closure etc.)
Anyone Anyone Facilities Operations (707) 654-1120
Student grade appeal  Student Faculty
Religious/Spiritual observance questions Student  


Res Life Professional Staff (707) 654-1400

Workers' Compensation issues Employee
Parking citation appeals Anyone   Beverly Heslop, Parking (707) 654-1681
Online process -
Env Health & Safety issues (EHS) Anyone Anyone Craig Dawson 
LGBTQ/Gender Transition Issues Student Anyone Reslife Professional Staff
(707) 654-1400
Veterans Resources Student   Shari Smiljanic-Villa, Certifying Official
(707) 654-1200