Today was our last day in Honolulu, we departed at 1600. There was a lot of preparation prior to our departure. At around 1400 the remaining crew ashore boarded and were accounted for and we then prepared the gangway to be raised. the cadets on the mooring line teams were briefed on what to do as well. At 1530 I met with the ship agent to make sure they got their cell phone back and if there was anything else he needed. He wished us farewell and watched as we did the final preparation to depart. We took on the pilots at 1550 and the tugs attached at 1555. We released the mooring lines and under the assistance of the tugs we departed Honolulu.

Cadets with net

Foss Pi'ilani


We were met with a beautiful sunset as we left the Island of Oahu, we are hoping for fair winds and that we will have smooth seas as we make our way towards Catalina.

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