Last night was the second night of the Sinbad Games. Some of the events included Plumbers Nightmare, PPE Obstacle Course, and the Hawser Toss. Each of the events posed a serious challenge. The one that looked the most difficult was the PPE Obstacle Course, because the cadets had to put on an immersion suit and a blacked-out SCBA mask and needed to push through a series of obstacles. One of these was a 7-yard walk between garbage cans, with their only guidance from their teammates.

Cadet throwing rope

Cadets listening to instructions

This morning there was a tank dive, the cadets were excited to climb down into the tank. This will be one of the cleanest tanks they will be in likely from this point onward. After lunch, these cadets then went to the fantail to learn how to fight fires. Shipboard firefighting is very important because the chance for outside help is very slim.

As we approach California everyone is looking forward to Underway Training. This will be a few days of stressful work as cadets finish their sign offs.

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