Last night was the final night of the Sinbad Games and the events looked challenging but fun at the same time. The events last night included a Boiler Suit Hydro Test, a rope climb, and Bucket Brigade. The goal of the Boiler Suit Hydro Test is to have a cadet wearing the boilers, and their teammates tape off all the openings in 3 minutes. Once the time is up, they then fill the boiler suit with water and turn the cadet upside-down into a bucket to see how much water their boiler held. This event looked like the most fun, the one that looked like the most difficult was the rope climb. This is because of the sheer upper body strength that was needed to make it up.

Cadet rope climb contest

Cadets doing sinbad games

Today we are close to Catalina and we should arrive around 1500. Cadets throughout the Bear were busy at work. Some were working on projects and studying, while others were doing day work.

Some engineers went into a trunk up forward to repair our doppler system. This allows the bridge to see our speed over water. The electrical panel box had a fuse that was dead. The repair was made, and it was tested. Being down in the trunk was unique, it’s like the tanks but it has constant airflow.

Cadets at bottom of ladder

Cadets with caution tape

Out on deck some cadets were discussing how to tie up to a buoy. This process of tying up to one is time consuming and can take hours to complete. They were also talking about the anchor chain and how many feet are in a shot of chain, how many the Bear has, and best practices when anchoring.

Tomorrow we start Underway Training and everyone is excited. As for tonight, everyone is going to enjoy what cell signal they have and try to reconnect with family and friends.

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