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Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering

The General Option (land-based with no U.S. Coast Guard license)

Photo of four Mechanical Engineering cadets with their senior design project.The general, non-licensed option of the Mechanical Engineering program is intended for students who are not specifically interested in pursuing a career in the merchant marine. Students take the core mechanical engineering courses, which combine traditional engineering courses with practical training. One cruise experience is required. This practical training and the cruise experience distinguish Cal Maritime from many other engineering schools, and is excellent preparation for anyone entering the engineering profession. In addition to one cruise, two summer internships with industry are required in the general, non-licensed option. Additionally, the general, non-licensed option offers a minor in Power Engineering.  This minor is optional and requires 15 extra units.

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ME (general, land-based) List of Courses Required for Graduation

ME (sea-going with USCG License) List of Courses Required for Graduation

Current Students:
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Last updated: 8/27/20