Navy ROTC logoPlease note that the ROTC program may conflict with the required four-year course schedules in the following high unit degree programs: Marine Transportation, Mechanical Engineering, Marine Engineering Technology and Facilities Engineering Technology. Additionally, Training Ship Golden Bear and Commercial Cruise requirements may create summer scheduling conflicts.

Students interested in becoming commissioned Naval officers upon graduation from our Marine Transportation, Mechanical Engineering, or Marine Engineering Technology programs without the possible scheduling conflicts mentioned above may wish to consider our Strategic Sealift Officer Program (SSOP). The SSOP is also run by the US Navy, leads to a commission as a Naval Officer (reservist or full-time officer), and includes Student Incentive Pay (SIP) while in college.

Navy ROTC is offered through the Naval Science Department at U.C. Berkeley. Upon completion of the program and granting of a 4-year degree from Cal Maritime, students will commission as Ensigns in the United States Navy or Second Lieutenants in the United States Marine Corps. High school seniors and college freshmen may apply for the four-year NROTC scholarship through the NROTC website Applicants must select Navy Option or Marine Corps Option during the application process. Those who are not selected or did not apply for the scholarship may participate in NROTC on a non-scholarship basis and are eligible to apply for a two year scholarship to cover junior and senior years. 

Navy ROTC midshipmen take classes once a week on the U.C. Berkeley campus in subjects such as Leadership, Ethics, Navigation, and Naval History. Additionally, midshipmen participate in 2-3 hours of military training each week on Thursday afternoons. They also participate in 3-4 weeks of military training each summer, learning about different aspects of the Navy and Marine Corps in preparation for commissioning. Upon commissioning, Navy Option students may service select surface ships, submarines, aviation, or special operations. Marine Corps Option students attend The Basic School in Quantico, VA, and are subsequently assigned to operational specialties such as infantry, armor, logistics, intelligence, and many others. For more information on the Navy ROTC program at Cal Maritime and U.C. Berkeley, call (510) 642-5437, email, or visit