At Cal Maritime, we are committed to fostering a diverse living-learning campus community to provide an attractive, inclusive, and intellectually stimulating environment. To that end, and in an effort to showcase and promote a diverse range of cultural experiences on our campus, below is a list of lectures, presentations, and music events that are free and open to the public.

For a complete list of campus events, please visit our calendar webpage.

Maritime Film Festival Series

Film Festival series

The Maritime Film Festival series began in 2014 as the "Sailors on Screen." It has since grown into an annual spring festival showcasing noteworthy maritime films in many genres. The Maritime Film Festival also sponsors a student filmmaking competition.

The "Maritime Film Festival at Cal Maritime" features faculty speakers and special guests, and has helped us to make productive connections with the Floating Film Festival at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, the Richmond Museum film festival aboard the Red Oak Victory and the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival.


Rizza Lecture Series

Lecture Series

The Rizza Lecture Series was established by a grant from former Cal Maritime Superintendent, Rear Admiral Joseph Rizza. Admiral Rizza's stated purpose for the grant was to bring persons to the academy who would excite cadets and faculty about emerging trends and technologies that were pertinent to our wider mission, and to attract community interest in the academy.


President's Speaker Series

Speaker series

President Cropper launched a new initiative in an effort to enrich campus life and culture at Cal Maritime. Named the President's Speaker Series, this initiative is designed to bring in distinguished speakers, guests, and thought-leaders celebrated for their contributions to their fields. In keeping with the mission of the University, they come from a variety of maritime-related fields and disciplines and are invited to share their perspectives, stimulate and inspire conversations, and enhance the intellectual and educational experience of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests.


Cal Maritime Scholar Series

Scholar series

The Cal Maritime Scholar Series was created to promote a culture of research and scholarship at Cal Maritime. Its genesis was participation in a Council on Undergraduate Research Institute by four Cal Maritime faculty members. There is great potential to raise awareness among faculty of the vibrant and diverse research activities of their colleagues. Students also have much to gain through exposure to intellectual inquiry and the process of new knowledge development that faculty contribute in their fields. This series aims to share the excitement of research projects happening right now at Cal Maritime. The long-term objectives are 1) to encourage participation in undergraduate research activities by both students and faculty, and 2) to increase scholarly collaboration within and across departments. This series is sponsored by Faculty Development and the Library. Each event will include a short presentation on recent research by a Cal Maritime faculty member, to be followed by an interview by a faculty member from outside the main speaker's discipline. The target audience is the campus community: faculty, students, and staff.


Music Education Series

Music education series

The Cal Maritime Music Education Series is a new community engagement and enrichment series designed to bring the campus and local communities together in shared appreciation for music and live performances. These concerts will highlight the talents and passion of local community performers and ensembles to provide an "attractive, inclusive, and intellectually stimulating environment" to our campus community.