Cal Maritime alumni from a variety of backgrounds are pushing the maritime industry to even greater efficiencies as part of the Middle Harbor Redevelopment Project in Long Beach.
The project employs robots as well as sophisticated control, navigation, and terminal operations software, and it challenges the norms of terminal operations with its zero emissions footprint, advanced software technologies, use of automation, and cutting-edge engineering technology.
It is unique among all the terminals in the world, including other terminals which incorporate automation. It is the greenest and most technologically-advanced terminal in the world today.
Among the many contractors and subcontractors who are working on the project, there are many Cal Maritime alumni. And the project operator – Long Beach Container Terminal – employs Academy alumni who are performing feats of operational magic driven by automated machines.
"The success of this project is incredibly important to the terminal, the port, and the Orient Overseas Container Line, but the industry impact is much broader," said Jennifer Chase, general manager of operations and development for Long Beach Container Terminal and a 2010 Cal Maritime alumna in International Business and Logistics. "This project has laid the foundation for what is possible in marine terminal operation, and it sets the stage for other terminal operators locally and globally to attempt similar technology implementations."
"The direction that Long Beach Container Terminal has gone with technology and automation is amazing," said David Heath of Terminal Equipment Services, Inc. and a 2005 graduate of Cal Maritime with a degree in Marine Engineering Technology. "With the majority of imports coming into the U.S. aboard ships, terminal constantly have to be updated."
"The Port of Long Beach provides a lot of jobs," said Joel Buffa, assistant operations manager for Long Beach Container Terminal and a 2011 Marine Transportation graduate from Cal Maritime. "It is important that we remain a competitive port to keep the cargo coming into Southern California."

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