Each year California State University, Maritime Academy seeks support from employers in the continued educational development of our students. The application of in class learning to real world settings is a cornerstone in the development of a Cal Maritime graduate. Career  Services administratively assists students with finding a Co-Op or a Cadet Shipping Billet on board a sailing merchant marine vessel.

Cooperative Education

The purpose of the Co-Op Program is to integrate classroom studies with academic related work experience. All non-licensed cadets must participate in a Co-Op as required by their major and are designed for students who have completed two or three years of coursework.

Participating Majors:  Business Administration, Facilities Engineering, International Strategy and Security, Mechanical Engineering, and Oceanography

For more information, please contact one of our Career Coordinators listed below.

Sea Training II

Our Commercial Cruise program can be a great resource for your organization.  The purpose of the commercial cruise program is to pair students aboard commercially operated vessels.

  • Deck Cadets (Marine Transportation majors) are required to sail a minimum of 90+ days aboard a 100 gross ton vessel.

  • Engine Cadets ( USCG License Track Mechanical majors and Marine Engineering Technology majors) are required to obtain a minimum of 60 days aboard a vessel with a minimum of 4000 hp.

All cadets are required to complete an academic project while at sea which they turn in to the academy for a grade. This program is an invaluable keystone element in the training here at Cal Maritime. Our cadets participate in commercial cruise their sophomore summer after completing their freshman cruise aboard the Training Ship Golden Bear.

Participating Majors: Marine Engineering Technology, Marine Transportation, & Mechanical Engineering

Contact Career Services

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Contact Information:

Jennifer Schmid
Interim Director, Career Services
(707) 654-1194  

Daisy Gonzalez
Career Coordinator, Engineering & Sea Training II (ENGINE)
(707) 654-1077

Tess Luna
Career Services Office Assistant
(707) 654-1071