Academic Integrity Committee

Committee Policy



  • The AIC will be comprised of three faculty members to be appointed by the Faculty Senate as they see fit. One of these members will be designated Chair of the committee.
  • Faculty appointments shall be made at the start of the Fall semester as needed, and last for a period of two years.
  • Membership will be staggered so that two appointments are made in the Fall of evennumbered years, while one appointment is made in the Fall of odd-numbered years.
  • Once the membership of the AIC is decided, a Chair among the members is decided
    by the members of the AIC. If the members of the AIC are unable to decide on a
    Chair, the decision will be made by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate.
  • Faculty may be appointed either as Chair or member for consecutive terms.
  • Because of the demands of scheduling the activities of the AIC, a list of faculty willing to serve on the committee will also be maintained by the Faculty Senate, and will be asked to serve should the need arise.

Current Committee Members

  • Taiyo Inoue (Chair)
  • Valerie McGowan
  • David Satterwhite

Backup Members

  • Mike Kazek
  • Amy Parsons 
  • Brent Pohlmann
  • Josh Shackman
  • Mike Strange