• Review and make recommendations to the Provost on the participation of faculty in professional development activities such as, but not limited to, conferences, workshops and seminars.
  • Evaluate proposals requesting funding for research, scholarship, and creative work by faculty.
  • Seek out and advocate for more faculty development resources and opportunities.
  • Report status of funding opportunities to the senate and faculty.


  • A tenured faculty member from each academic department, including the Library. Normally, this will be the elected, tenured Chair of each department. However, if none is available (e.g., in the event of a non-elected Chair appointed by the President, a non-tenured Chair, or in other extenuating circumstances), it will be a tenured faculty member of the department elected by the tenured and probationary faculty of the department. If a department has no tenured faculty, a probationary faculty member may be elected by the department. The term of these non-chair members shall be three years or when replaced by a Department Chair who can serve, whichever is shorter.
  • Two members appointed by the Senate for three-year terms. The terms will be staggered by one year.

Current Committee Members

  • Wil Tsai (ME Chair)
  • Tamara Burback (MT Chair)
  • Nipoli Kamdar (IBL Chair)
  • Ryan Wade (GSMA/ISS Chair)
  • Keir Moorhead (ET Chair)
  • Frank Yip (S&M Chair)
  • Amy Parsons (C&C Interim Chair)
  • Amber Janssen (Library)
  • Jon Fisher [Senate-Appointed Member]

For a list of funding opportunities for faculty, click here