The Senate Executive  Committee can be contacted at or by contacting its individual members.

Photo of Dr. Elizabeth McNie

Elizabeth McNie (Chair)
Marine Transportation

Photo of Dr. Sarah Senk

Sarah Senk (Vice Chair)
Culture and Communication

Photo of Dr. Matthew Fairbanks

Matthew Fairbanks (Secretary)
Sciences and Mathematics

Portrait photo of William Tsai

William Tsai (ASCSU representative)
Mechanical Engineering

Photo of Dr. CD Isakson

Christine Isakson (ASCSU representative)
International Business and Logistics

 Photo of Dr. Frank Yip (Member at Large)
Frank Yip (Member at Large)
Sciences and Mathematics
Keir Moorhead, Associate Professor of Engineering Technology
Keir Moorhead (Member at Large)
Engineering Technology

If you have questions concerning Senate materials, please contact Senate Secretary Matt Fairbanks at