A Message from President Cropper

President Cropper speaking

Ninety years ago, an act of the California State Legislature signed by Governor C.C. Young established the California Nautical School.  The landscape…or seascape…of the maritime profession began to seismically shift almost immediately as – even before the first cadets arrived at the former U.S. Navy coaling sheds in Tiburon – the nation's economy was sinking into the Great Depression. Yet, within a decade the United States, and Cal Maritime, would find itself in a swift build up to World War II.

Our entire Academy history has been routinely, and sometimes unevenly, influenced and impacted by changes and events that range from geopolitical to national to local. In every case during the last 90 years, Cal Maritime continually adapted to meet the challenges and ferret out the opportunities presented by events not of our making.

Properly anticipating and responding to change – often the kinds of change brought on by technology, markets and society – has sustained our wonderful Academy and the maritime profession it serves for nine decades. Leading that evolution – whether it be on the grounds of your alma mater or in the maritime profession through the stature of our alumni – allows Cal Maritime family to shape solutions to the ever-changing needs of the maritime and related industries. 

Going forward on campus, you'll see a strong focus on environmental sustainability and renewable energy that is front and center in the transportation, logistics and technology industry sectors. Our goal is to continue providing cadets with a learning laboratory to explore new ideas, technologies and practices in a hands-on environment. It's something we've been doing for ninety years and we know it works!

Whatever challenges the future holds – there will be many – I'm optimistic that the broader community of Cal Maritime alumni, cadets, faculty, staff, families and friends will rise – together – to meet them. As we celebrate our 90th Anniversary and look forward to the beginning of our next century, our Academy is poised for tremendous success.


In Service,

President Thomas A. Cropper

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