Last Updated: 07/19/2019

The purpose of the Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) is to outline Cal Maritime's environmental health and safety requirements, expectations, and responsibilities in order to achieve effective campus safety performance through Integrated Safety Management (ISM). The University Vehicle Safe Operator Program is a subject specific component the supports the overall University IIPP

CSU policy requires that all employees who drive State, or privately owned vehicles, (including rental vehicles, power carts, tractors, forklifts, 10+ passenger vans and any other powered vehicles), on University (State) business be identified and authorized by the campus Department of Safety and Risk Management (SRM) office.

It is CSU policy that only University employees may drive University vehicles. Employees of non-state entities, or students driving on University business, must be an identified State Volunteer in order to drive on University business. University business is defined as "only when driven in the performance of, or necessary to, or in the course of, the duties of University employment."

The Cal Maritime UVSOP is designed to align with the CSURMA Use of University & Private Vehicle Guidelines.



Last Updated: 02/28/2018

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