Passport for faculty and staff

The Passport can help you:

  • Easily set up student appointments and office hours.
  • Get a quick overview of students' progress and records.
  • Alert support departments when a student needs help.
  • Stay up to date on your students with notes.

To access The Passport, click here!

For questions, feedback, and/or training opportunities, please email to connect with a University Advisor. We're always happy to help!


Want to learn more about The Passport?

Check out the Passport Instruction Manual to learn more about the key features used at Cal Maritime! 

  • Review a student's Overview Tab (GPA's, catalog year, etc.)
  • Add a Student Note (and the Do’s and Don’ts for Creating Notes)
  • Issue an Alert on a Student
  • Explore Professor Home vs. Staff Home
  • Set up “My Availability” for Appointments and Office Hours
  • Sync Your Outlook Calendar with Passport 
  • FERPA Permissions Guidelines and Tips 
  • Create General Appointment Campaigns
  • Send Academic Advising Campaigns
  • Advanced Search a Student Population
  • Upload a Student List and Track them throughout the Term

New Feature: Personal Availability Link (PAL)!

Personal Availability Links (PAL) are a personalized link that when clicked, links students to the Passport Navigate app to schedule an appointment directly with you! You can include a PAL in an email, email signature, syllabus, Canvas page or website to allow for quick and easy student appointment scheduling!


Post this flyer on your door for easy student appointments!

We've created a flyer with The Passport's QR code so students can instantly make appointments with you right from their phone by scanning the code.

Remember, you'll need to set up your "My Availability" before students will be able to find you and make appointments. See the above Passport Instruction Manual for help setting up your "My Availability" hours (see section "Setting up My Availability for Appointments and Office Hours").