Registration Tools

Your Academic Requirements Report is your degree audit! It lists all the required classes for your degree, and shows which classes have been completed, and which are still outstanding.

Be sure to check your curriculum roadmap every semester. Your roadmap shows the correct order to take classes at Cal Maritime, in order to graduate on time. 

These lists are posted before every registration, and show which elective courses we will be offering, and which classes are reserved for certain majors/divisions/class standing.

Find out what some of the most common errors are for registering, and how to avoid them!

Learn more about how to use your registration tools!

College Success Tools

Free online videos, lessons and practice exams/quizzes for Math, Science & Engineering, Computing, Arts & Humanities, Economics & Finance.

Free online videos that help with Calculus concepts.

Use this template to send to your instructors in order to find out what your current grade is.