College Life, Learning, and Study Skills

Active Reading and Note Taking 


How to Talk to Your Professor

Learning Styles 

Memorization Tips

General Study Tips 

Studying Before a Test

Time Management Tips 

Five Ways to Get Assignments Done Easier (created by Aurora Thomas) 

Questions to Ask your Tutor


Writing and Grammar

They Say, I Say (thesis writing) 

Introductions and Conclusions

Common Grammar Mistakes

Revision Strategies 


Math Skills

Unit Circle and Special Right Triangles Worksheet

Calc Terminology 101 (created by Victor Mashevsky, Nathan Witte, Dylan Joelson, and Jack Jessen)


Business Tools 

Excel Shortcuts (created by Amanda Carvalho and Ryan Edmister)

Financial Management Study Guide  (created by Marvin Li and Ryan Palmer) 

Business Report Writing Guide (created by Amanda Carvalho) 

Business Writing Tips (created by Nikhil Hunter and Savannah Homuth) 



Thesis Preparation Guide (created by tutor Ambria Gee) 



Marine Transportation Study Tools 

Nav Study Questions/Sample Test (created by Jake Banich and Malcolm Veach)

Cel Nav Sight Planning (created by Joey Simone)

Coast Guard Exam Reference Materials (for reference, created by USCG)

Mates Preparation Guide (created by Jake Banich, Malcolm Veach, Joey Simone, and Joshua Kuiper)



Engineering Tools 

Boilers Systems Drawings  (created by tutor Scooter Reid)

Circuits Formula Sheet (created by tutor Michelle Kakumasu) 

Basics of Systems Tracing 

Intro to Circuits and Electronics (created by Cyrus Khaleeli, Jasen Nicolas, and Dayton Huffaker)


Oceanography Tools 

How to Write a Research Review (created by tutor Roxanne Mina)