Erika Sánchez Nelson- Coordinator for Student Academic Support


ErikaErika Sánchez Nelson joins Cal Maritime from Vanderbilt University, where she worked in the Writing Studio and completed her Ph.D. While working in the Writing Studio, Erika developed a passion for student learning and tutoring support. Erika also earned her B.A. in religion from Trinity University and her Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School. Her academic interests include the religious history of American women and religious nationalism. Contact her about anything related to tutoring, workshops, or general academic student support at

Come visit her in Lab Building/ SEAS Center 113. 


Student Tutors


Allie Johannsen

Allie's headshotHi there! My name is Allie and I am an oceanography student here at Cal Maritime. I grew up in Southern California and it really sparked my love of the ocean and all of its critters. I'll do my best to answer all of your questions to the best of my ability. I hope you have a good semester!



Amanda Carvalho

Amanda's headshotHello everyone! My name is Amanda Carvalho and I'm a junior International and Business Logistics major. I'm sure many of you have seen me around campus as I'm also an RHO in McAllister, a Peer Health Educator, and one of the captains of the woman's soccer team. And of course, I also fill in as needed around campus. Feel free to reach out for help with anything business and writing related. Good luck on all of your classes, you've got this!


Ambria Gee

Ambria headshotWhat’s up! My name is Ambria Gee and I am a senior Global Studies and Maritime Affairs major (GSMA-ISS). I am also one of the RHOs in Upper as well as a Lead Peer Health Educator and ASCMA Senator. I am here to help with GSMA-ISS courses or writing tutoring! I absolutely love GSMA and I would love to help you as much as I can in order for you to feel confident and succeed in your classes.


Cole Russell

Cole's headshotHowdy! My name is Cole and I am a MET major, and I tutor for algebra. I grew up in Glendale, Los Angeles and I have a dream of becoming a pilot in the Coast Guard. Some of my pastimes include aviation and FPV drones. I’ll be around for any questions you may have. Goodluck! 



Cyrus Khaleeli

Cyrus headshotHi! My name is Cyrus and I am a senior Mechanical Engineering (License-track) major. I’ll be tutoring Mechanical Engineering and Math. In my free time I enjoy racing sailboats and spending time outdoors, particularly by the ocean. I’m happy to answer other questions (about engineering or other things in general)!



David Richardson

David headshotHey everyone, my name is David Richardson and I’m an MT major here on campus. I’m from Seaside California and I enjoy SCUBA Diving, playing pool, and video games to name a few things that I'm interested in. Here at CMA, I'm the 3D Div Com and I'm a part of the SSO program, as well as being one of your tutors. I served in the army before coming to CMA and plan on joining the Navy dive program after I graduate to finish out my military career. If you see me around campus feel free to say hi, hope to see you all succeed this year!


Davin So

Davin headshotHey y’all. My name is Davin So and I’m a third year FET. I tutor for chemistry, but mainly love water chemistry. I can also offer study tips if you want any. I dye my hair sometimes so you might be able to recognize me quite easily (red at the moment). If you see me say Hi, I love meeting new people. I hope you have a wonderful day.



Dayton Huffaker 

Dayton's headshotMy name is Dayton and I’m a senior MET major. I come from San Diego where I frequent the ocean for surfing and various types of fishing. I am the circuits tutor and SI instructor this year, but I am also around to answer questions about other engineering topics.



Dylan Joelson

Dylan's headshotHello CMA classmates! My name is Dylan Joelson and I am in the Mechanical Engineer Licensed option major. I am very active and enjoy swimming, biking, kayaking, and traveling. However, I’m also happy relaxing at home playing video games. Working with others is something that I believe is essential to your success at this school, so please come and make tutoring appointments with me because I’m happy to help! (math/writing tutor)


Erwin Hernandez

Erwin's headshotHello everyone, my name is Erwin Hernandez. I am a senior licensed ME major. I am from San Diego CA. A couple things about myself: I love camping, hiking, and being in the water. Also, a big fan or racket sports from tennis to spikeball. This semester I am the tutor for ME subjects and am the SI for physics 100. I am always more than happy to help, if you need anything don’t be afraid to say hello! 


Jack Jessen

Jack's headshotMy name is Jack Jessen and I am a Mechanical Engineering License track major at CMA. Some of my hobbies include sailing, scuba diving, and playing the guitar and banjo. I am excited to start off the year with you, and as we navigate the academically rigorous world of physics and engineering, my goal is to make the learning experience engaging, insightful, and rewarding. I look forward to assisting you in mastering the concepts, solving problems, and achieving your academic goals in physics and engineering. Let's make this school year a memorable one!


Jake Banich

Jake's headshotMy name is Jake Banich and I am from Dublin, California, (just 30 minutes south of Cal Maritime). I am a Senior Marine Transportation student, Co-Captain of the Men's Golf Team this year, and a McAllister Hall RHO. I was in Alaska for my commercial cruise last summer, sailing with Dunlap Towing Company on one of the ocean going tugs, and I love golfing, cars, and going to Disneyland, if you see me around feel free to talk to me about anything! 


Jan Johnson

Jan's headshotHi everyone, my name's Jan, I'm from San Pedro, CA, and am a second year ME-License student. I am available to tutor any math up to Calculus 2 and Intro to Marine Engineering. I'll be looking forward to meeting you all and if you have any questions about anything at all, don't be afraid to ask. 



Jasen H. Nicolas

Jasen's headshotWhat’s up y’all! My name is Jasen H. Nicolas and I am a 4th year Mechanical Engineering General Option student. My subject specialties include Mechanical Engineering (e.g.: Dynamics, Statics, Thermo, etc.), Mathematics, and Physics. Although these are my strong suits I would be more than happy to assist you however I can! A few things about me are that I am one of the men’s soccer team's captains, play hella video games (FPS only), and am the Project Manager of the school’s Collegiate Wind Competition team. I am very eager to meet and help you in any way possible!


Joey Simone 

Joey headshotHi, I'm Joey, class of '24, tutoring all MT Topics, especially all Navigation, ship stability, and physics for deckies. I am also a writing tutor, so book me for all your mandatory essay reviews. Me hablo Español.



Jorja Davy

Jorja's headshotHello Everyone! My name is Jorja and I am a GSMA/ISS major. I am in my sophomore year and hope to go into military or government field after I graduate. I tutor for GSMA and hope to see you all having a great year! 




Joshua Kuiper 

Joshua headshotI am an MT class of 2025 cadet offering tutoring in Nav. I am from Seattle, WA and I am the CCA rep for the men’s soccer team as well as an EOP mentor. In addition to Navigation, I love to ski, hike, and swim. I love answering questions, so don’t hesitate to ask.



Malcolm Veach

Malcolm's headshotI'm a 3/c 1D Marine Transportation major student on a three and a half year track. I'm available to help tutor in macroeconomics, physics, and marine transportation.  I look forward to getting to know you and helping you succeed as best you can! If you want to make an appointment please just shoot me a quick email before hand with what you wanted help with so I can come fully prepared to work with you.


Nathan Witte

Nathan headshotHey! My name is Nathan Witte and I am a senior licensed Mechanical Engineering major. Around campus I play soccer, spikeball, and more. When I have free time I love spending it with my family outdoors at the river near my house. I love helping others learn, and those moments where everything clicks are something I love to be a part of. I'd love to help you too! If you need help with engineering or math, I'm your guy.


Nikhil Hunter

Nikhil's headshotHey! My name is Nikhil Hunter, and I’m a second year IBL Cadet from Seattle, Washington. Using my degree, I aim to use data-driven analytics to streamline business operations. I know that balancing school and extracurricular activities can be overwhelming and challenging. Please feel free to come talk to me about any of the first year IBL classes!


Nolan Bronstrup

Nolan headshotHello classmates, My name is Nolan Bronstrup. I am a Mechanical Engineering Licensed option junior from 4E. I will be tutoring Boilers, Physics 1 and Physics 2 for this year. I am originally from Crestline California and enjoy backpacking, running, welding, and seeing how different mechanical devices work together. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your journey here at Cal Maritime. 


Riju Banerjee

Riju's headshotHello Cadets! My name is Riju Banerjee and I am in my second year of the Mechanical Engineering (General Option) Program at Cal Maritime. I am from Tracy, California in a family of four (Me, mom, dad, and brother) and I love to play card games and swim in my spare time. I also participate in the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) Program at UC Berkeley, with the hope of becoming an officer in the United States Navy. I will be tutoring math classes up to and including Calculus III and AP Statistics this year. I am also a Supplemental Instructor for Calculus II. If you have any questions regarding math or campus in general, please feel free to contact me via email or by tutoring appointment


Roxanne Mina

Roxanne's headshotHi! My name is Roxanne Mina and I’m going into my senior year as an oceanography major.  I tutor for chemistry, oceanography, and if needed statistics! In my free time, I like visiting new places and trying new things. Tutoring is for anyone and everyone! I'm here to help you succeed, so please don't be shy and feel free to schedule an appointment and/or ask questions! 


Ryan Edmister

Ryan's headshotHello! My name is Ryan Edmister, I am a third-year IBL Student with a minor in GSMA. I am a Writing and Business Tutor specializing in speech, creative, research, and analytical writing (EGL, HIST, GSMA). As well as Human Resources (Lewis, Neumann) and Qualitative Management based Business Classes (Lewis, Neumann). In my free time, I enjoy, reading essays and books, lifting weights, and playing on the rugby team! 


Sarai Alonso

Hi everyone, my name is Sarai Alonso. I am a MET major, in my senior year. I am always more than happy to help anyone who needs it. Some fun facts about me, i am apart of the cross country team, and love to crochet.


Savannah Homuth

Savannah's headshotHey everyone! My name is Savannah Homuth and I am a sophomore International Business and Logistics major. Besides being an IBL tutor, I also hold another role on campus, such as being 4Ms Ops Officer and being in the Coast Guard Aux Program. I am always running around campus, but I do spend most of my time between classes in the library, so if you ever see me around, don't be afraid to say hey! I look forward to meeting and working with all of you this semester!


Victor Mashevsky

Victor's HeadshotHello! My name is Victor, and I tutor for math up to differential equations, chemistry, and physics. I'm a Senior mechanical engineering license-track major, so I'm also happy to answer questions pertaining to engineering topics for license-track freshmen, like questions about intro to marine engineering, watches, or freshman cruise.