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(Tutoring Staff Spring 2023)


What is Tutoring? 

Tutoring is a way for you to learn from and with your peers outside of the classroom. It is simply another form of learning, one where your learning is supported by the students around you. In a tutoring session, the process is just as important as the answer. Tutors can help you learn how to find an answer, how to construct an argument, how to ask questions, and ultimately, how to learn. Tutors are not instructors, so they don't give you the answer or do your work for you. Rather, they support you in your own learning by giving you tools to grow confident in your skills, so that you can find the answer yourself! 


Who is Tutoring For?

Tutoring is for everyone! Contrary to popular belief, tutoring is not just for students who are struggling. Everyone can benefit from having someone beside you who can guide your learning. Tutoring can make you more aware of how you learn best, and it can build your confidence. 


What Does Tutoring Services Offer?

  • 1-1 Peer Tutoring in all subjects
  • Drop-In Hours 
  • Workshops
  • Supplemental Instruction 
  • Learning Coaching  
  • Online Resources


CRLA Certification

The tutor training program at Cal Maritime is a CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association) Certified tutoring program. What this means is that we keep up to date on best practices of tutoring and learning in our tutor training, and we uphold high standards relating to hiring, training, and evaluation. More info about CRLA can be found here

Our Certification Certificate


Tutoring Session Evaluation Survey 

Click here for the post-session tutoring eval. If you want a chance to win a $25 Starbucks giftcard be sure to leave your email! 

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