Appointment FAQs


What is the schedule for 1-1 appointments?

Our tutors set their own availability, so check Passport Navigate to see when our tutors are available. If you are having trouble finding a time that works with your schedule, please contact Erika


Is there a deadline to book appointments?

Appointments must be booked 12 hours in advance. Same-day appointments are only available for established tutees and are dependent on tutor availability. 

-Some of our tutors are available on the weekends. But, if you want to make a weekend appointment please book by Friday evening, so that our tutors can plan accordingly! 


What if my class requires tutoring, or I get extra credit? 

Do you get extra credit for attending tutoring? Does your professor require you to attend tutoring? Fill out this form to have a proof of appointment emailed directly to your professor: Proof of Appointment Form 


Will a writing tutor proofread my paper? 

Writing tutors will provide cadets helpful suggestions to conceptualize, draft, and revise
content to meet stated expectations of their essay and other writing assignments.
 To maintain cadets' ownership of ideas, writing tutors will not proofread/edit
cadets' writing or produce writing on their cadets' behalf or guarantee grades.


How many tutoring appointments can I have? 

There is a 2 appointment per week limit. This rule is in place is to allow enough space in the schedule for all students to have the opportunity to receive tutoring. If you find this limit difficult, you may provide a recommendation from a professor or disability services to receive more per-week appointments. 




What is SI? What does it stand for? 

SI stands for supplemental instruction. Basically SI is having a tutor who is dedicated to your class. They are in contact with your professor so they have a more intimate knowledge of the assignments and can offer more targeted support. 


Will my professor know if I attended SI? 

No your professor will not know if you attended SI or what questions you asked. If your professor offers extra credit for SI then your professor will only receive an attendance list at the end of the semester. 


Is SI required? 

No, SI is something that you choose to do (or not) as a student. It is a useful tool that can help everyone in the class and you are highly encouraged to go; but you are not required to attend. 


Do I have SI for my class? 

Check out the SI page to see if SI is offered with your class this semester. There are some core classes that always have an SI, but it does fluctuate so always check the website.