Admission Appeal Process and Form

An applicant who has been denied admission may have that decision reconsidered. The applicant must compose a short letter detailing the reason(s) for the appeal. The letter and supporting documentation (evidence) must supply new information not available to the applicant when the original application was submitted. Below, you will find some examples of decisions a student may appeal.

Denied Admissions based on factors such a

  • Low Freshman GPA (including multiple factor enhancements)
  • Freshman missing A-G course(s)
  • Transfer missing "Golden 4" or "Golden 2" course(s)
  • Transfer GPA
  • Transfer less than 60 units and not meeting minimum H.S. qualifications


Enrollment Denied or Canceled Due to Missed Deadlines (such as)

  • Final high school or college transcript deadline
  • Late acceptance of offer after program has filled
  • Submitting the housing agreement or request for housing waiver
  • Submitting required health information

Appeal Procedure

We recommend you send an e-mail to the Admission Office at to receive written, specific reasons the disputed decision was made or action was taken in your case. This will help you determine how write your appeal and what evidence to supply supporting it.

All requests must include documentation related to the extraordinary circumstances to be considered for the appeal. Proof must be provided that the established admission criteria for the type of admission (freshman or transfer) and all deadlines have been met. 

  • There is a limit of one appeal per application per academic term.
  • The appeal must be received no later than two weeks from date of the admission decision notification was sent to you.
  • Appeals must be submitted using the online form below.  You can also reach the form at
  • Before you begin the online appeal form, you should compose your appeal letter or statement into an electronic document that you can attach onto the form. That document where you fill out your online appeal should have access to the location where your appeal document is stored so you can attach the document.  The same access is needed to the documents containing your supporting evidence.
  • Applicants submitting appeals will be notified of the decision within three weeks of receipt of the appeal (in most cases) via the personal e-mail address listed in the student's official record.
  • Appeal applicants are advised to explore other college options or other educational pursuits while waiting for the appeal decision.
  • Appeal letters must be submitted by applicant - not by anyone acting on their behalf
  • Appeal letters written by anyone other than the applicant will not be considered.
  • Letters of recommendation will not be considered.
  • Reporting errors made on the application are not a basis for the reversal of a decision.
  • Decisions rendered by the Admission Appeals Committee are final and non-negotiable.

Online Form - Admissions Appeal Form