After Applying -
For Students Waiting for an Admission Decision

Important Notice to Appliants on Checking your Email

You should be receiving periodic emails from us at the address you entered in your online application. One of these sent right after you applied has the subject line of "Important information about your Cal Maritime application." If you are not receiving our emails, check your spam folder or junk mail folder. Also, go into your email settings and add and and to your trusted or whitelisted email addresses. If you cannot find our emails, contact us at or call 707-654-1330

email us if you have not been receiving our emails since you applied


Thank you for applying to the California State University Maritime Academy (Cal Maritime). We have compiled all the information you need as you wait for your admission decision.


We send new applicants their information approximately two weeks after their application is submitted. The information will be sent to the e-mail address on your online application. This e-mail will allow you to set your password to access your Cal Maritime's student portal and your Cal Maritime email account. Our emails to applicants will be sent to both your personal email and Cal Maritime email accounts. 

Your student portal is where you can find out (24/7) if you have any "To Do Items" such as missing documents needed to complete your admission file or financial aid file. Your "To Do Items" list can have items added to it, so check it regularly once you receive your access.

For Fall Semester Applicants
  • Dec. 15 for first-time freshmen (high school applicants) who apply in October: E-mails with decisions will be sent on December 15 from to the email address listed in your admission application and your Cal Maritime email account. In some cases, the decision sent to the student will be to roll-over the student's application to the Regular Admission program when further consideration in light of the entire admission pool is necessary.

  • Feb. 1 for first-time freshmen (high school applicants) who applied from November 1 through December 15*: Emails with decisions will be sent on February 1 from to the e-mail address listed in your admission application and to your Cal Maritime email account.

  • Feb. 15 for College Transfer Students who send college transcipts from all schools attended through the most recent Fall semester: Decisions should be e-mailed on February 15 from to the e-mail address listed in your admission application and your Cal Maritime email account. If you can find no e-mail from us, that may mean we are missing an important piece of information such as one of your college transcripts.

  • After Feb. 15 for later applicants:  Our goal is to send you an emailed and mailed admission decision within a few weeks of applying for admission. This will be done on a rolling basis.  Please contact our office if you want an update on how your applicaiton evaluation is proceeding.

International Students – Decisions on completed applications will be mailed via FedEx and e-mailed February 15 or within two weeks of receiving all required application items or (whichever date is later).


For Spring Semester Applicants
  • From September 1 through October 31 on a Rolling Basis for All Types of Applicants: Emails with decisions will be sent from to the e-mail address listed in your admission application and to your Cal Maritime email account.

First-Time Freshmen – We do not need your academic transcripts until you have graduated from high school. In some cases, we may request your transcripts earlier if the academics listed in your online application require clarification or to look for improvement in your Fall 2021 semester.  Please Note - our admissions decision will be based on the academic information you provided on your application for admission. Sending your high school transcript does not relieve you of the responsibility of providing us with accurate course and grade information on your online application.

Transfer Applicants - Transcripts are not required for an admission decision, but they are required to give any summary of the transfer credit a student will receive.

  • Lower-division transfer applicants with fewer than 60 college semester units by the time they would enroll at Cal Maritime need to submit official high school transcripts. 
  • Upper-division applicants with 60 or more college semester units by time they would enroll at Cal Maritime are not required to submit high school transcripts. 
  • All transfer applicants need to submit official college transcripts (including the most recent enrolled semester when completed). All transcripts from transfer students are due (for Spring applicants) two weeks after admission or (for Fall Applicants) January 25.

International Students – We need official and translated transcripts from high school, all colleges you have attended, and the college you are currently attending. These are due as soon as possible sent via email sent to

Applicants to the following majors: marine transportation, marine engineering technology, facilities engineering technology, or mechancal engineering, may submit a resume by mail or as an e-mail attachment to The optional resumes are due by November 30 for first-time freshmen qualifying for December 15 admission decisions or January 10 for all other applicants. Resumes are not required by any other programs (majors) other than those previously listed.

SAT scores, ACT scores, recommendations, and essays are not part of the admission process for any major for Spring 2022 or Fall 2022 applicants.

Here are important things to take care of while your admission to Cal Maritime is being determined:

1. Apply for Financial Aid

  • For Spring Applicants who applied with the FAFSA for financial aid for any college in the preceding fall semester, go to to authorize your previous FAFSA results be sent to Cal Maritime. Those who did not apply for financial aid at any college for the preceding fall semester should apply for spring semester financial aid with a new FAFSA at as soon as possible.

  • For Fall Applicants – Apply for financial aid between October 1 and March 2 at For more information on how to apply for financial aid – click on the Financial Aid link on the left side of this page.

2. Make a Virtual Visit to Campus - Many students visit campus even before they have received an admission decision. Cal Maritime offers an information session and virtual campus tours twice each weekday by appointment. To schedule a Virtual Visit, start with the Virtual Visits page.


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