Campus Life at Cal Maritime

Cal Maritime, the most unique campus in the California State University system, offers cadets a distinctive campus community as the only maritime academy on the West Coast.

Cal Maritime Orientation Leaders


In addition to the hands-on education received in the classroom, California State University Maritime Academy offers a plethora of opportunities for cadets to lead, learn, and thrive. Cal Maritime provides a safe environment that encourages a sense of belonging and teamwork, responsibility, discipline, professionalism, maturity, and attention to detail qualities highly prized by the companies and organizations that hire our graduates. 

Our small campus on the water, tucked into Morrow Cove, provides cadets with everything they need to grow socially & professionally. With a variety of clubs, collegiate athletic teams, professional societies, cultural and interest groups, there is something for everyone to do outside of the classroom. 

Cal Maritime is a residential campus and takes pride in the inclusive community that results from living-learning together. With a live-on-campus culture, cadets are only a short walk from their peers, faculty, or live-on professional staff. You'll find additional opportunities for personal growth in our intramural and intercollegiate athletic programs, student-run clubs & organizations, Cadet Leadership positions, and campus volunteer, recreational, social, and cultural events.


The Corps of Cadets

Each student is a member of the Corps of Cadets. Through the unique Corps of Cadet structure, every cadet is in a division. Divisions consist of upper class and underclass with similar majors. Divisions routinely meet outside of mandatory functions to host BBQs, video game nights, and academic study sessions. Many alumni will describe their division as their family away from home.

Furthermore, Cal Maritime offers every cadet the opportunity to be a part of the global community and increase their awareness of new cultures through the training cruises on the Golden Bear or International Experience abroad. The immersive experience provided at Cal Maritime prepares cadets for their professional careers while also helping them thrive during their college years.


Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Beth Hellwig


Dr. Beth Hellwig

Interim Vice President of Student Affairs