Oceanography Minor

The 16-unit minor in Oceanography is designed to provide students with a foundational understanding of ocean science and stewardship.  Coursework includes an introduction to marine biology or ecology, two semesters of general oceanography, a lab experience and 6 units of specialized upper division coursework. 

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Oceanography Minor Program Requirements: 

Choose one of these lower courses (3 units):
OCN 100 Marine Biology (3 units)
OCN 110 Marine Ecology (3 units)

Take these two lower division courses (6 units):
OCN 200 Oceans I Geol. / Chem. Ocean (3 units)
OCN 210 Oceans II: Phys. / Biol. Ocean (3 units)

Choose one of the labs below (1 unit):
OCN 100L Marine Biology Lab (1 unit)
OCN 110L Marine Ecology Lab (1 unit)
OCN 200L Oceanography Lab (1 unit)
COM210L Programing for Oceanography (1 unit)

Choose any two upper division elective OCN courses (6 units):
OCN 310/310L Ocean Instruments and Analysis (3 units)
OCN 320 Oceans and Climate† (3 units)
OCN 330 Marine Microbial Ecology (3 units)
OCN 340 Chemical Oceanography (3 units)
OCN 350 Physical Oceanography (3 units)
OCN 410 Phycology (3 units)
OCN 420 Marine Invasions Science (3 units)
OCN 440 Intro to Ocean Remote Sensing (3 units)

All students completing the minor must complete MTH 100 or equivalent (as a pre-req for OCN 200,OCN 210).