Students have a variety of opportunities to conduct ocean science research for course credit. Additionally, through the California State University Council on Ocean Affairs, Science and Technology (COAST) Program, students can work with Cal Maritime faculty to apply for competitive research and travel grants to support their work as well as travel to scientific conferences to present research findings.

Faculty and Cadet

Coastal Water Quality Monitoring

Cal Maritime is working with San Francisco State University to monitor water quality in the San Francisco Bay. The Cal Maritime Pier is equipped with a Conductivity (salinity), Temperature and Depth (CTD) sensor package that also reports dissolved oxygen concentrations, water pH, and chlorophyll-a. These data are posted in real time to the web: Cal Maritime students are assisting with this monitoring effort by collecting and analyzing weekly samples for water clarity, nutrient concentrations and phytoplankton identification and assisting in instrument calibrations and maintenance. 


Ballast Water

Ballast Water Treatment Testing at the Golden Bear Facility

Invasive marine species are a global threat to coastal ecosystems, economies, and industry function. Scientists and policy makers have come together to develop type approval testing protocols for ballast water management systems that will be required on all commercial vessels in the future. The Golden Bear Facility, located on the T/S Golden Bear, evaluates the mechanical and biological efficacy of ballast water management systems in a realistic, onboard environment. Cal Maritime students work along scientists at the GBF in the maintenance and operation of the testing facility.