Students have a variety of opportunities to conduct ocean science research for course credit. Additionally, through the California State University Council on Ocean Affairs, Science and Technology (COAST) Program, students can work with Cal Maritime faculty to apply for competitive research and travel grants to support their work as well as travel to scientific conferences to present research findings.

Faculty and Cadet

Coastal Water Quality Monitoring

Cal Maritime is working with San Francisco State University to monitor water quality in the San Francisco Bay. The Cal Maritime Pier is equipped with a conductivity (salinity), temperature and depth sensor package that also reports dissolved oxygen concentrations, water pH, and chlorophyll-a. These data are posted in real time to the web: Cal Maritime students are assisting with this monitoring effort by cleaning and calibrating and troubleshooting the instrument. 

Buoy Launch

San Pablo Bay Water Quality Buoy

A collaboration between faculty and students in oceanography and mechanical engineering has led to the design and construction of a water quality and weather buoy that will be deployed in San Pablo Bay.  The buoy will report wind speed and direction, wave height, as well as temperature, salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll-a and suspended sediment concentrations.  Buoy Plans

Napa River Surveys

Napa River Map and Table

Starting in spring 2022, Cal Maritime began making regular transects of water quality conditions in the tidal Napa River.  Spanning diverse landuse (wetlands, agricultural, municipal, industrial), the Napa River was characterized in terms of nutrient concentrations, suspended sediments and light penetration, and phytoplankton abundance.