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Early Assessment Program

Are you ready for college-level English and math?

The Early Assessment Program (EAP) prepares high school juniors and seniors to enter rigorous college-level English and math courses at the CSU. Multiple measures–including standardized test scores, college preparatory course grades, and high school GPA–determine if students demonstrate readiness for baccalaureate study or require supportive instruction in their general education (GE) courses:











































































































What if I am not ready for college-level English and math?

Cal Maritime offers supportive instruction for students not yet demonstrating readiness for college-level courses. Students still enroll in credit-bearing GE courses, which count toward a baccalaureate degree. For English, register in the year-long EGL 100 "stretch" course, which develops students' reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. For math, register in MTH 100 and its co-requisite, MTH 099, which includes lab-based tutoring and/or supplemental instruction. Additionally, California residents must participate in CSU Early Start the summer prior to their first fall semester.

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Coordinator, College Readiness & EAP

Matthew Tener, MA
Student Services 125
(707) 654-1081


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