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More Time for Maritime! Applications are still be accepted.

Applications are still being accepted for Spring 2022 for Business Administration, Global Studies & Maritime Affairs and Oceanography. Applications will be closing soon, so encourage your students to submit their applications now.

Please use the links below to access presentations and recordings from our November webinars for counselors.  We can also assist you with setting up virtual school bus Zoom visits for your students.  You can request those via



There's more time at Maritime. Applications are still being accepted for Fall 2021 for most majors (except marine transportation and mechanical engineering).  Applications will remain open on a space-available basis.   A list of our majors is available at  Please let your students know and remind them of a few important things.

  1. Cal Maritime should be less impacted this year because there is a better balance between available spaces and the number of applicants.

  2. If students were denied a Cal State Apply application fee waiver, it may be because it asked for 2019 family income while so many have lower incomes in 2020.  The students can submit an "Application Fee Waiver Appeal" form directly to the CSU campus. At Cal Maritime, they attach it to an email to

  3. Please remind your students that things should be different next fall when they start college. Life on campus should be much more normal with vaccinated students, on-campus living, in-person courses, full campus dining, complete athletic seasons, and an improving economy. But they can't take advantage of this post-COVID college life without applying to Cal Maritime now!

  4. To find our programs (majors) on Cal State Apply, students should filter using the word "Maritime" in the "Add Program" tab.                                  


  1. Impacted Majors More Accessible for Mid-Range Students. Fewer students are being turned away from our impacted majors. Many students who would have been waitlisted and never taken off in past years have been and will be admitted outright in marine transportation, marine engineering technology, facilities engineering technology, and mechanical engineering. 

  2. We are Test Blind for Fall 2021 - As part of the CSU, we are totally test blind for this application season…..even for impacted majors!  A 2.50 GPA is required for CA students and 3.00 for Non-CA students. Each CSU campus has determined what multiple factors will be considered as replacement of the SAT or ACT for those with GPAs .50 GPA below the minimums.  At Cal Maritime, those will primarily be GPA improvement in the 6th and 7th semesters as well as the number of courses above the CSU minimum in each A-G category (for example 3rd year Spanish when only 2nd year language is required). Also considered will residence in our local admission area, Solano County and those who are foster youth, wards of the court, or unaccompanied minors.

    For impacted majors, we will also be considering the math GPA including 9th grade and number of math courses beyond algebra II.
  1. Multiple Factors to be Used to Replace the SAT and ACT for Freshman and Lower-Division Transfer Applicants- Students from California high schools with a GPA between 2.00 and 2.49 and students from high schools outside California with a GPA between 2.47 and 2.99 may be admitted by considering the following additional factors: Courses taken in excess of A-G category minimums, GPA improvement in the latter semesters of high school, Residents of Solano County, Veterans, and Minors with no parents.

    Students applying for our impacted majors (see below) will have the following factors considered along with their overall A-G GPA: The high school math GPA in grades 9-12 and the number of math courses taken beyond Algebra II. Students also have the option of submitting a resume via email after applying

  2. Pioneers in Oceanography - Our new oceanography major brought in its first class this year – 26 future oceanographers!

  3. Majority of Students learning In-Person and On-Campus during COVID - About 60% our students are living on-campus this semester and taking at least some of their courses in-person because they were the type of hand-on courses that could not be replicated online. They are living one per residence hall room and adhering to all the masking/social distancing/testing policies you would imagine it takes to keep the campus healthy.  At this time we have no COVID cases in the student, faculty, or staff population.  The remaining 40% (all in three majors that could accommodate all-online courses) are taking their online courses from home.

  • Non-Impacted Majors  (using basic CSU eligibility requirements)
    • B.S. in Business Administration - International Business and Logisitics
    • B.A. in Global Studies and Maritime Affairs
    • B.S. in Oceanography
  • Impacted Majors (competitive admission)
    • B.S. in Facilities Engineering Technology
    • B.S. in Marine Engineering Technology
    • B.S. in Marine Transportation
    • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (General Option or U.S. Coast Guard License Option)

Detailed Impaction Information by Major

Interim Impacts on CSU Undergraduate Admissions Policies & Practices

The California State University (CSU) system and campuses, including Cal Maritime, will take all necessary steps to mitigate the disruptions caused by COVID-19 while ensuring the health and safety for our students, faculty, staff, and communities.

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated adjustments to some CSU admission requirements and prior guidance to incoming students for Fall 2021 and beyond.  The CSU will exercise flexibility and accommodation when working with our educational partners and Fall 2021 applicants in meeting admission requirements and the subsequent steps toward enrollment.  Although COVID-19 disrupted work on campuses, forcing faculty and staff to work remotely, processing of admission applications and communications continues.

We offer the following information for school districts, schools, community colleges, colleges, educators, prospective students, and applicants regarding CSU admission. The information is located at the following CSU webpage for first-time freshman applicants and transfer applicants.