Women in Maritime Leadership Conference on Building Resiliency




Welcome and Keynote

Welcome Remarks: President Cropper

Keynote: Captain Kate McCue


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keepin' it real

What is it like to get hired amidst a global pandemic? COVID has impacted our economy and all our practices of ‘Business as Usual.’ If you want a view of the current landscape, this session is for you!  Join Cal Maritime alumnae from various industries as well as a LinkedIn HR Business Partner for their insight on how to succeed in this unprecedented environment. This session promises to be a dynamic conversation focused on actionable advice.

Panelists: Piya Kishore; Sheila la Fleur, Rachel Neuharth, Madeleine Wolczko & Spencer Young

Modertor: Jessica Ryals

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How can Men Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace? Allyship – How can men be better allies for women in the workplace? Brad and David, authors of Good Guys and Athena Rising, will share their research and experience on the inclusion of men in the equation to remove inequities in the workplace. To put it Brad and David ‘s words - …men have a profound opportunity to promote gender equality at work. In this session, learn about the shifting workplace dynamics, breaking stereotypes and acknowledging biases. This conversation will focus on building effective partnerships between men and women to ultimately advocate for gender equity in both, your professional and personal life.
Moderator: Pascha McAlister
cadet leadership dev
Leadership skills are highly valued in the workplace. However, leadership is a mindset, not something that simply accompanies a title or promotion. Cal Maritime offers a practical and relatable program to lay the foundation for leadership in every aspect of a cadet’s life. Join a member of Center for Creative Leadership, current cadets, alumni to learn more about Edwards Leadership Program: Seminar Series.
Panelists: Jasmin Brown, Connor Crutchfield, Madeline Space-Lombardo, Shannon Stel
Moderator: William Tsai

In a time when everything around us seems to change faster than we can adapt, we often question ourselves -  What am I doing? Where do I need to be? Why is it like this? When will this turnaround? Or how can I get it all done?  There may be many different paths to building resiliency but each starts with the self! Join our closing speaker for tips on how to stay motivated, focused and positive in an environment of separation, uncertainty and isolation?  Count on an energetic and interactive session focused on the core of resiliency- YOU!  

Speaker: Gladys Diva Brown

happy hour

Join emcee Josie for this yappy-happy hour. Bring a mocktail or cocktail and catch-up.
facing your fears

From experience in her fieldwork, Cristina Zenato will share some of the physical and mental tools she uses to confront her day and her fears, and how this has taught her valuable skills for anything in life. And, Shireen Shipman will share her favorite tricks for working with fear and how to overcome fears to create a happier and more meaningful life. 

Moderator: Jenny Murphy
ship to store

Powered by the growth of e-commerce, more cargo is being shipped today than ever before. What does this mean for the future of shipping and logistics? Expert panelists will discuss recent industry trends in ocean and inland transportation. Panelists will touch on all aspects of shipping, like logistics of cargo and the strategies in place to protect our environment.  This session will showcase Matson’s vision for the future of shipping and logistics, from rapid changes in technology to consumer trends, especially with the ease of shopping from Amazon.

Panelists: Konner Edmiston, Tracy Jarek, Catherine Mukai, Emily Pahon


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mock interviews
Coordinated by WISTA and Career Services, these 30-minute mock interviews will allow cadets to gain valuable experience fielding behavioral questions often asked by employers. During this session, interviewers will help cadets develop their ability to clearly articulate their transferable skills demonstrated in past experiences. Interviewing, like any other skill, improves with practice. We encourage attendees to pre-register to secure a spot.



The ability to successfully navigate change, rise above adversity, and triumph in our lives boils down to one word: RESILIENCE! Preview a 30minute prerecorded video by Anne Grady and join her for an engaging conversation during this session.
Moderator: Karen Yoder
Global Connectivity

In decades past when the first women entered the maritime industry, they made significant strides in closing the gender gap. However, many gains in the push for diversity were lost as that momentum was not carried forward from one generation to the next in the absence of a strong network among seafaring women. Now, thanks to social media and burgeoning support groups that have sprung up in recent years, our networks are gaining strength. Energy and enthusiasm for our shared experience bolsters women's confidence in pursuing their careers, which is why it is essential to maintain networks and share information. Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways we connect as human beings, and now there is an unprecedented level of networking and storytelling happening among women in maritime on a global scale. We must keep this momentum, and in doing so we will usher in a new era of gender diversity and inclusivity in the maritime industry.

Speaker: Elizabeth Simenstad
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