At-a-Glance Schedule




1000-1045 Opening Keynote: Grow-Transform-Lead

Speaker: VADM Nunan (USMMA Superintendent)

1100-1200 The Nexus between Vessels & Shipping Agencies

The work of a shipping agency touches every corner of the shipping industry, often in invisible ways. Representatives from Inchcape will discuss the shipping agency’s role and why it’s important that you know about it, whether you’re in a shoreside or seafaring capacity. Come prepared to ask your questions about shipping agencies or the experience of ship’s agents to the panelists.

Panelists: Riley Neumann (Inchcape), Rachel Prasad (Inchcape), Andres Ramirez (Norton Lilly) and Jasmine Brown (Transmarine)

Moderator: Leslie Clements (Transmarine)

1215-1315Lunch – Celebrating 50 years in Maritime Education

Lynn Korwatch

1330-1515 Workshop – Enneagram                                                                                      This workshop will provide powerful and insightful tools for understanding ourselves and others. At its core, Enneagram helps us to see ourselves at a deeper, more objective level and can be of invaluable assistance on our path to self-knowledge.

Facilitator: Joy Pederson @ Clarity

1530 – 1730 PANEL/MIXER It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Creating Impactful Networks of Support for Women & LGBTQ+ Folks in Maritime Industry Organizations

Developing a system of advocacy for women and LGBTQ+ on a campus or organization often starts with a small group of individuals with passion for the cause, but it takes a diverse team working in strategic roles to maximize effectiveness. Whether you’re a cadet or an industry leader, how can you amplify women’s and LGBTQ+ voices within the context of your role? Attendees will hear from speakers who’ve served as advocates, organizers, leaders, and co-conspirators within their institutions and will engage in conversations around finding and making the most of their place at the advocacy table. The session will end with a Q&A panel focused on practical strategies to take back to your institution. 

Panelists: Kathleen Friel )AMO); Em Galvan (Crowley); Leah Wyzykoski, Cal MAritime Cadet), Lisa McCord  (Marathon Petroleum), Meagan Nance (Cal Maritime)

Moderator: Jennifer Metz

1830 – 1900 Dinner Speaker: Building Resilience in Your Career

Every career arc has its ups and downs. How can you maintain positivity and self-awareness when the going gets tough? How do you know when an opportunity is (or isn’t) for you? What role do self-care and work-life balance play in maintaining a successful long-term career trajectory? The dinner speaker will share her own experiences and offer suggestions for building the resilience to keep your head above water during challenging times.

Speaker: Erica Compton (The Pasha Group)



0900-0945 Opening Speaker: Understanding Equity & Privilege                                                                   

The maritime industry continues to struggle to recruit or retain diverse talent especially women. Current efforts that are being made to make the industry more appealing to all people seem to fall flat. Most organizations lack full understanding of what a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce looks like. Taking the time to truly learn and understand how inequities and privilege play in the workplace, education and society is what lays thefoundation for a successful DEI strategy. We will dive deep into these topics with the purpose to educate and provoke thought.

Speaker: Jenny Johnson (Maritime Inclusion Partners)

1000-1100 Concurrent Sessions -

#1  Mental Well-Being in a Post-Pandemic World

Whether cadet or seasoned professional, offshore or onshore, chances are that the pandemic has affected your mental health and well-being at some point during the past three years. In this session, expert panelists will share their perspectives on the mental health of maritime communities, including trends at the academies and in industry. Panelists will also offer strategies for maintaining mental wellness whether you are working in traditional workspaces or remotely.  

Panelists: Mariam Anthony, Christine MacMillan (Women Offshore), Kenneth Bailey (Texas A & M), Jennifer Levesque (

Moderator: Ian Wallace

#2 Know Your Power: Using Your Voice (and Making It Heard)!

More women are in leadership roles in the maritime and transportation industries than ever before. How can female leaders make the most of their positions in an industry where the norms still reflect a heavily male-dominated culture and tradition? What strategies should women consider when they feel that they are being overlooked or not taken seriously? This panel will feature female leaders discussing their experiences in male-centered leadership spaces and what has helped them thrive. 

Panelists: Nayera Tawfik, Brannon Massey (The Pasha Group), Sandra Bendixen (Puget Sound Pilots), Jennifer Narvasa

Moderator: Meagan Nance

1115-1315 Lunch Panel: Work-Life Balance in 2023 Maritime Workplace Culture

What does work-life balance in the maritime industry look like in the era of Zoom, Slack, and 24/7 connectivity? How has the pandemic changed work-life balance for women in seafaring and shoreside careers? Panelists will share their own experiences coordinating career ascents, family, and personal interests and offer advice for setting boundaries that support both productivity and well-being.

Panelists: Erin Bertram, Heather Spring (The Pasha Group), Serena Weber-Bay, Jesse Pulin (San Francisco Bar Pilots)

Moderator: TBD

1330-1400    Closing  Speaker                                                                                                                                          

Toward the Horizon: Next Steps for Creating a More Equitable and Sustainable Maritime Future

We’ve spent the past two days immersed in the diverse experiences of women in the maritime industry of 2023. As we head back to our campuses and organizations, where do we go from here? The closing speaker will lead participants in reflecting on their time at the conference and highlight future-facing trends for maritime in the years to come.

Speaker: Anastasija Kuprijanova (Hornblower Ferries)

1400: Macy's Awards & Thank you

Lynn Korwatch & Vineeta Dhillon