Master Promissory Note- Federal Direct Loans

First time borrowers must complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) prior to receiving loan funds. The MPN defines the conditions under which you are borrowing and the terms under which you agree to pay back the loan. The MPN for the Federal Direct Loan programs is completed online at

Loan Entrance Counseling- Federal Direct Loans

Prior to receiving a disbursement of a loan, students must also complete loan entrance counseling. The purpose of loan counseling is to ensure you fully understand your rights as a borrower. Students can complete the loan counseling at

Withdrawing, enrolling less than half-time, or graduating?

If you are leaving Cal Maritime or enrolling half-time or less, you will need to complete Exit Counseling for your student loans. Exit counseling goes over your repayment options and gives you tools and resources as you enter in to repayment.

Federal Direct Loans

Loan exit counseling for your federal direct loans is done at

Perkins Loan

Perkins Loan exit counseling is done through You will get an email from ECSI when your exit counseling is ready for you to review and complete.

Calculate Your Monthly Loan Payment

Use this loan calculator to estimate how much your monthly loan payment will be after you graduate from Cal Maritime.