The California State University, Maritime Academy's Resiliency Project is here to provide resources and programs that promote mental health and wellbeing.  These are unprecedented times with unique stressors.  Whether you're on campus or at home, these resources offer ideas or strategies to improve the well-being of cadets, staff, and faculty, no matter where they are in these times. 

The purpose of the Resiliency Project is to establish a growth mindset to create a resilient individual. By giving Cadets, Admin, Faculty, and Staff the tools to feel compassion, connectedness, and gratitude, we can reassure the Cal Maritime community is not alone in these unprecedented times.  

Growth Mindset Self-Talk Examples

Growth Mindset Self-Talk

  • Attitude and effort determine how much I learn
  • I can be brave and step our of my comfort zone
  • Challenges help me grow
  • I'll try a different strategy
  • Effort makes me stronger
  • I can welcome feedback
  • Getting better takes time
  • How can I build on my strengths?
  • I can choose a growth mindset.
  • Learning is a journey.
  • I can keep an open mind.
  • Learning is my goal... not perfection.
  • Mistakes help me improve.
  • New things are opprotunities for me to learn.
  • It's ok to not know something.
  • Plan B might work.
  • When I ask questions, I learn.
  • It's ok to take risks.
  • I can choose to try again.
  • Unsuccessful attempts are all part of the process
  • Valuable information can be found in every failure.
  • XYZ didn't work, I'll try ABC
  • I don't know how to do this, yet!
  • Zany ideas can lead to many things!

What is resiliency and why is it important?

According to the American Psychological Association, resilience is the, "process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress". 

Building resilience allows us to cope with difficult experiences and transform it to personal growth.  We are able to achieve this by being aware of:



Here are some quick resilience resources to visit:

You at CSUM portal 

You at CSUM is your wayfinder to access tips, guidance and resources designed to help keep your academics, well-being and social connections on track in this changing world. 

Nod App Nod: an app that equips college students with science-backed skills to build meaningful social connections


For Admin, Faculty, and Staff:


For Students:


We are here for you.  A big part of resiliency is good morale.  It allows everyone at Cal Maritime to better their experience on and off campus.  How can we support you?  Let us know. 



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