Connections play a crucial role in developing your individual capacities as well as creating your own network to lay the proper groundwork for a successful career path after you graduate. Here are some organizations and clubs that can help you build your foundational capacities.

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Need counseling or psychological support? Check out Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Our goal is to provide on-campus activities and opportunities to help support and build resiliency in our cadets, faculty, and staff. Activities will primarily focus on improving the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual capacities of our campus community.

Lunch Bunch – TBA

Keelhauler Fit - In collaboration with the Resiliency Task Force, the Department Athletics & Physical Education has developed the “Keelhauler Fit” fitness program for the entire campus community. It will cater to all different types of fitness goals and work out methods: running, weights, walking, calisthenics, etc. Any member of the campus community can make an appointment with Head Athletic Trainer Jeff Ward to talk about their goals and received a customized workout they can track and follow via the Teambuildr App, available on most mobile devices. Contact Jeff Ward at or 707-654-1055.

“Resiliency Hour (RH)” is a new program where staff and faculty are encouraged to designate one to two hours a week to engage in whatever activity they deem as supporting their own resiliency. This is a spring pilot program where Staff/Faculty designate 1-2 hours a week on their calendar as “RH”; this should be a time that they can step away from their duties to engage in an activity supporting resiliency.   Folks are encouraged to take photos of themselves engaging in their RH activities (walking, meditating, sitting by the water, exercising, etc.) and we will be offering incentives for those that post photos. Send your photos to for us to post on social media. Join us in promoting Keelhauler Resiliency!!!

This link provides all events happening on campus: "What's Happening @ Cal Maritime"

1) Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) support

  • Remote counseling (Zoom or telephonic) with CAPS Counselors. Contact Andrea Schneider, Ian Wallace, and Mira Elwell to schedule an appointment
  • Consultation for faculty/staff 
  • Crisis management (during business hours) 

2) Let's (Tele)-Talk -

TeleTalk CAPS program T&F 12-12:45

3) Wellness Wednesdays is a Zoom event (12-12:30pm) providing basic mindfulness and yoga exercises for all campus (students, faculty, and staff). Hosted by CAPS.  Zoom:

4) TAO Connect (Therapy Assistance Online) which will include online modules that students can self-enroll and do psychoeducation (ie. stress reduction, mindfulness based library, anxiety reduction, etc).  A student can self-enroll or be working with a counselor who then assigns these modules as adjuncts to therapy.

5) Nod - Building social connection is a skill.  Nod is an app that is free for all cadets at Cal Maritime.  The app offers suggestions to help you create social connections.  This app is available now! 

6) You at College - is a comprehensive wellbeing web platform for student health and success.  The portal is customized for Cal Maritime and personalized to the specific needs of each student.   It's not only for students. The platform also reaches the well-being needs of faculty and staff, too. Bolstering skills in supporting students, while expanding the reach of HR supports.  Available now! 

7) Book Circle - TBA

For upcoming events and to pay for club fees:
    • Please contact club presidents before paying

Active Clubs as of Spring 2021 (From Sept. 2020 Club Rush):

Gay Straight Alliance 

  • Contact:
  • GSA meets on Wednesdays around 18:30, about every week or every other when we start getting around midterms and finals. As a club we are here to be able to foster inclusion and visibility for LGBTQ+ individuals on campus. In that same vein we serve as a safe space for individuals to be able to talk about their issues on campus and build a community of support and trust for the LGBTQ+ community here at Cal Maritime.

Volleyball Club

US Coast Guard AUP 

Be Heard Club 

  • Contact:
  • Be Heard is a club aimed at engaging various demographics such as race, religion, socioeconomic status, etc., in discussions about the topics that are prevalent in the world and affect us at all levels of society. It is through this discourse that we hope to bridge the gap of understanding and equip ourselves with the knowledge to engage in these conversations outside of our club. We usually meet the 3rd Friday of the month from 11am to 12 noon, however sometimes we do squeeze in a second meeting in a month. The zoom link is:

Force Fitness


  • Contact: Joshua Ipema, 
  • Intervarsity Christian Fellowship seeks to build community among students and help lead them into a deeper relationship with God. We have two campus Bible studies, one on zoom at 1830 on Mondays (zoom link: and another in person on Tuesdays at 1900 in the alley between the bookstore and Mayo Gym. We also have other community events, such as sports nights at Bodnar. Everyone is welcome to attend any of these activities!


LARPing Club 

Nautical Institute of Cal Maritime  

Ski Club

  • Contact:,
  • The Ski Club is really all about trying to get affordable passes and events for students to go to Tahoe and Ski/Snowboard. Our success as a club is dependent on the members, the school, and the resorts we are in contact with. We really want to provide cheap and easy access to a sport we all love and care deeply about. 

Running Club

  • Contact: (Club President),
  • Running club is a group of like-minded individuals focused on getting out to run with other people (misery loves company!). We usually meet on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 1645 at the PEAC and Fridays at 1645 at Bodnar to run and meet either on Wednesdays or Thursdays at 1630 on zoom. We plan on doing some virtual races sometime in the near future. 

Gardening Club 

  • Contact: 
  • Location: Cal Maritime Academy Campus Community Garden (hillside by the pool) 
  • Day: Saturday & Sunday, Time: 4-6 PM 
  • The purpose of the Gardening Club is to foster sustainable living practices, environmental awareness, and the love of gardening through service by reconnecting people with nature, the surrounding environments, and our communities. Throughout the school year, members of the gardening club will have the opportunity to grow their own food, volunteer at the local farm, learn about many gardening techniques, and receive an introduction to a variety of plant species. Members of the club will have the opportunity to help improve the environment and enrich people's lives, as we will be taking an approach towards sustainability and to assist in the beautification of the campus community.

Sea Shanty Club 

  • Contact: 
  • The Sea Shanty Club is a low stress, informal, acapella choir dedicated to teaching Nautical Folk Songs to the next generation of CMA's cadets. We meet outdoors on Wednesday evenings, around 4:30 pm to sing a few songs, talk about their histories, and wear Pirate Hats. We also encourage members to be creative, writing new verses for old songs, or writing songs that are altogether new! No experience or audition is required, only enthusiasm. There are currently no plans to hold online meetings at any time. Due to how zoom works, the shanty experience would be bad. Everyone would just take turns doing solos. 

Anime Club

  • Contact: 
  • The Anime Club plans to give its members an opportunity to enjoy anime, manga, games, and other related activities through available resources and online means of communication. Meetings will generally take the form of a book club approach, but online streaming and video games like Super Smash Bros. or League of Legends will be available in later ones. There is currently not a set meeting time.

Table Top Game Club 

Community Cat Club 

  • Contact: 
  • The Community Cat Club seeks to take care of our local campus cat population while offering students the opportunity to perform some community service. Activities include feeding and trapping as well as fundraisers. We are especially excited about on-campus students but are happy to have anybody who wants to take care of our campus cats

Yacht/Sailing Club

  •  Contact : 
  • Cal Maritime Yacht is for people that chose to come to Cal Maritime because they love being on the water. Monthly meetings occur on the Tuesday on or following the 15th of the month during the academic year. Currently, we are having lunch meetings together on Tuesdays from 11:30-12:30 but are looking forward to getting back to boating soon.

Fishing Club

  • Contact: 
  • We will plan trips to fishing destinations for members, arrange for the small craft in the boat basin to be taken out for fishing trips around the Carquinez Strait, and coordinate fishing tournaments with prizes for the winners. The Club will also take care of the shoreline we so greatly appreciate using. A Shoreline Cleanup will be organized to keep our shores clean. As an association of fisherman our mission is to continue the passion for fishing by teaching the next generation of students at CMA and the Vallejo Area how to fish. Not only will our Club set up instructional fishing outings where members will be taught how to fish, our goal is to host a CMA Fishing Day. We will take a sizeable group of underprivileged children from our community and teach them how to fish. To accomplish this, our knowledgeable members will facilitate in teaching these young future anglers. We are in a unique position as our campus is a prime fishing location. Rods and reels will be provided to these children, which we will buy with members' dues. These rods and reels bought with the money raised from club dues we will be on loan system, where members can use them for a period. The Club will provide this campus fisherman opportunities to fish places previously inaccessible, compete in friendly competitions for prizes and provide gear and instruction to members who wish to become acquainted with the great joy of fishing.

Rugby Club 

Society of Port Engineers 

  • Contact:,
  • I would describe our club by saying “ we are a fun and welcoming group looking to enjoy the outdoors. We look to have fun throwing the frisbee around and listen to music.” Our schedule for meeting is not set in stone since most of the members are busy with homework and classes as of late, but next semester I am going to try and set up Wednesday or Friday as the schedule day to meet in at 6 or 7

Veteran Student Association 

  • Contact: 
  • The Veteran Student Association is made up of the Veterans enrolled at Cal Maritime.  We meet informally to share stories, ideas and resources focusing on Veteran issues.  Additionally, members participate in other campus volunteer opportunities.  

The mission of the Resiliency Project podcasts is to foster connection and resiliency on campus.  The Peer Health Educators and the Resiliency Peers also offer health and wellness tips to help you navigate through this academic year.

Resiliency Project Podcasts

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