Cal Maritime strives to reduce the environmental impact of transportation, both for commuters and for the campus vehicle fleet.  In addition, Cal Maritime has substantial academic curriculum and research focused on transportation planning, alternative fuels, and advanced vehicle design.

  1. Electric Vehicles Charging Stations:

Cal Maritime working with PG&E has sought 30 EV chargers. The installation design and plan is completed by PG&E and Cal Maritime. The EV chargers will be installed and maintained by PG&E for 10 years at no cost to Cal Maritime. After ten years Cal Maritime has the option to continue to own the chargers at no charge or handover to PG&E. Campus management has the authority to open up the charging service to public and generate revenue. Initially the use of chargers will be limited to university students, staff, and faculty. Later the facility will be opened up for public for business partners and neighboring public.

Cal Maritime is evaluating the procurement of electric bus to transport students from Maritime north building to the classrooms.  This bus may also be used to transport students to local shopping centers.