Routine general maintenance projects are typically managed by Cal Maritime's Department of Facilities Management. If you require general maintenance you can place a service request here>>

California law dictates that all physical improvements to facilities within the State – including buildings and public areas located on the Cal Maritime campus – require the issuance of a building permit prior to construction. A building permit is usually required for any construction project outside of routine general maintenance. If your project will modify any internal or exterior structure or systems, have any structural, accessibility, or fire and life safety impacts,  it will require a building permit. The Department of Facilities Planning, Design & Construction (FPDC) is responsible and accountable to the CSU Chancellors Office for procuring all building permits on the Cal Maritime campus. If you are considering nominating a project please review Cal Maritime's Building Permit Policy and contact FPDC with any questions. 

Examples of projects which may require building permits:

  • Activities involving building or roof structures;
  • Activity that will disturb any building surface (interior and/or exterior);
  • Any activity with temporary membrane structures (i.e. tents or canopies);
  • Any activity in or adjacent to a designated waterway, creek or drainage route;
  • Any activity that may add, alter or modify ADA requirements;
  • Any underground or overhead work;
  • Awnings and trellis installation, removal, and/or renovation; 
  • Building additions, alterations, remodels and/or tenant improvements (e.g. classroom upgrades); 
  • Electrical, mechanical, plumbing or building additions or alterations;
  • Equipment installation requiring more than plug and cord;
  • Furniture installation affecting structural systems or access;
  • Garden walls and retaining walls;
  • Landscaping and related improvements or modifications;
  • Patio, decks and fence installation or removal;
  • Satellite dish or antenna installations, modifications or removal;
  • Security & intrusion alarm installation, modification or removal, including keypads, card swipes, panic buttons etc.;
  • Signage installation, modification or removal

*Please note this list is not exhaustive.

The project nomination process is typically opened on an annual basis. When the project nomination window is open projects can be nominated here: project nomination submission. Please review the Capital Improvement Project Procedures for an explanation of all required steps for getting a capital improvement project nominated, approved, designed, and constructed.

Projects are approved by the President's Cabinet and ultimately the President. Please review the Capital Improvement Project Procedures for an explanation of all required steps for getting a capital improvement project nominated, approved, designed, and constructed.

The installation of permanent campus signs is subject to review and approval by the Department of Facilities Planning, Design & Construction (FPDC), in consideration of the Campus Wayfinding program and the Universities Public Information Officer. If you are considering a permanent sign please contact Michael Murray, AVP Facilities Management at

If the activity is related to a capital improvement project, please contact Michael Murray–

There are University standards; however, FPDC can grant a variance from the standards in certain circumstances.