The CSU Board of Trustees requires that each CSU member institution have an approved physical master plan. The requirement dictates that a campus's physical master plan show the existing and anticipated facilities necessary to accommodate a specified enrollment at an estimated target date or planning horizon in accordance with approved educational policies and objectives.

In accordance with the CSU requirement; and in support of a new Academic Master Plan, Cal Maritime completed a physical master plan update in 2017 to recognize a new student enrollment target of 2,200 FTEs by 2032. Approved by the CSU Board of Trustees in July of 2018, the Physical Master Plan aligns campus development with Cal Maritime's updated Academic Master Plan. While this largely manifests in brick and mortar projects, the fundamental purpose of this Physical Master Plan is to guide future campus development in a way that reflects, upholds, and strengthens the institution. The result is a fifteen-year blueprint for creating an enduring and vibrant campus environment dedicated to cadet success and supportive of Cal Maritime's strategic mission and core values.

The scope of the Physical Master Plan is broad, holistically covering all aspects of campus development, including student enrollment growth, campus land use and design, building design and placement, and circulation and utilities. The Physical Master Plan is structured to accommodate change over time. The continuing evolution of technology and education requires a flexible and phased approach to campus development. This process will enable Cal Maritime to adapt to the changing needs and expectations of students, faculty, and staff while accommodating increased enrollments and spatial growth.

2017 Physical Master Plan & EIR