Lost & Found


Cal Maritime Police Department maintains a lost and found repository. All community members may turn in found property to the department during business hours.  You may hand carry found property and surrender it to police personnel or call dispatch to arrange the property transfer after hours.  The officer will assign the lost property a claim tag number. Lost and found property is held for 180 days and then disposed of per CSU directives.

To report a lost item, contact dispatch and be prepared to provide the following information to the officer:
1.     Brand name and/or description of the item
2.     Model number
3.     Serial numbers and any special identifying marks you may have added to the property prior to you losing it
4.     Time and location where you had the item last
Lost property may be claimed at the Public Counter during business hours, or by appointment. To claim property, you must be able to establish ownership. You may do this by providing:
1.    Detailed description of the lost property (nomenclature, etc.);
2.    A receipt or bill of sale
3.    The serial and model number
4.    Describing special identifying markings you may have added to the item.



Evidence and Property is located at the Cal Maritime Police Station, at 200 Maritime Academy Drive, Vallejo, CA 94590 

Phone: (707) 654-1179
Fax: (707) 654-1775


Public Counter Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluding City holidays)


If your property has been lost or stolen, you should file a report as soon as possible.  If you have a record of the serial number on the item(s) or if you have applied your own number, include that in the report. Items lost or stolen that are reported with their serial numbers stand a far better chance of being returned to their owners. An owner has 90 days to claim his/her found property. If you have lost some property and would like to see if it has been turned in, you may contact us by phone. As a finder, you may contact the Evidence and Property Section at 90 days to see if the item remains unclaimed; we will advise you of release procedures at that time.


Owners must pick up any safekeeping and/or personal property items within 60 days of the item coming into our custody. If you need more time, call or write to request an extension. Unclaimed items, including items belonging to incarcerated persons who have not contacted the Evidence and Property Section, will go to charitable organizations or be disposed of.


For all evidence held in which a person has been arrested or cited, we must receive a District Attorney confirmation that the case is closed on all defendants, even if the owner of the property was not arrested or his/her part of the case is concluded. In some cases, the District Attorney may not release items immediately, pending further investigation or appeals. We also must receive a detective release on all assigned cases. Upon closure of the cases and receipt of necessary releases, an owner must pick up his/her property within 15 days. If your mailing address changes, notify the Evidence and Property Section so that you can be notified when your property is available.


In order to be helped in the most efficient manner, please bring your government-issued ID (CA driver license/ID, military ID, or passport) along with your case number or Property Record number. A credit card, social security card, birth certificate, and other non-photo items are not acceptable. If necessary, your Solano County mugshot can be used to identify you. Bring your notification letter/postcard and/or Propert Receipt, if you received one. If it is a firearm, please refer to the "Release of Firearm" section. If there are special circumstances regarding the pick up of your property, please contact our office.


If you would like someone else to pick up your property, we must receive a NOTARIZED  letter of authorization from you. If you are picking up property of a person who is currently incarcerated, that person must write a letter  authorizing you to pick up his/her property, and it must be witnessed by an officer/guard at the correctional facility with the officer's signature and printed name, badge number, and contact phone number. For deceased owners, if you do not have paperwork showing you as the Executor of the Estate, or a will with a copy of the death certificate, we will contact the Coroner to attempt to identify the next of kin (who will then be able to pick up the property). Please include the Report Number or the Property Record number on all paperwork in order for us to help you more efficiently.


In some circumstances, items can be mailed. The owner/requestor may be required to cover all shipping costs. Please contact the Evidence and Property section for further details.


Evidence includes items of property which have some connection to a crime (such as tools used to commit a burglary or items recovered from a previous burglary). Because items booked as evidence may be used during the course of a criminal trial, they are processed differently from other items in regard to handling, packaging, etc.

Items held as evidence are usually retained until the prosecution of the criminal case has been concluded on all parties involved in the case. Approval may be required from both the Solano County District Attorney's Office and the police detective assigned to the case before property can be released.

Evidence and Property Section personnel DO NOT have information on case dispositions. If you have questions about a criminal case or need to know the current status, please contact the Solano County District Attorney's Office and ask to speak with the Deputy District Attorney in charge of the case (you will need to provide the case number).  If you don't know the case number, contact the CMPD Records Section at (707) 654-1179. 

Safekeeping items are those held for the owner for various reasons and not intended to be used as evidence in a criminal case. The owner has 60 days from the date the items come into our custody to pick up his/her property. Unclaimed items are disposed of in accordance with California law. All illegal weapons, ammunition, drugs or narcotics which are confiscated, found, or otherwise turned into the Cal Maritime Police Department will be destroyed.

Weapons turned in or taken for safekeeping due to a domestic violence incident or an incident where the person is taken in for psychiatric evaluation may be retrieved from the Evidence and Property Section when certain conditions are met and after receiving clearance from the California Department of Justice (DOJ). Weapons unclaimed after 180 days will be destroyed. For contact information, see the paragraph titled "Release of Firearms."

Items held for safekeeping, found property, recovered, and cleared stolen property are released to their owners; proof of ownership may be required. If unclaimed, these items are eventually sold donated. Some items in dangerous or unusable condition will be destroyed.

California law requires found property with a value of $100 or more to be turned over to the Police Department. The finder will receive a receipt. If the property remains unclaimed for 90 days, the finder may claim it. If the item is worth more than $250 it must be advertised in the newspaper for 7 days after the 90-day wait period, prior to release to the finder. 

If you have found property, please call the police as soon as possible. Found items may not be lost, but may actually have been stolen or involved in the commission of a crime which police may currently be investigating. Found property can be turned over to any police officer or brought to any police facility.

If you find property outside of campus (outside Cal Maritime), please call or go to the police department or sheriff's station in the city or county where you found the item and turn it in there.


Weapons and Ammunition
If you own/possess any rifles, shotguns, handguns, ammunition or any other type of weapon that you wish to get rid of, you can bring it to any police facility for destruction. All firearms MUST be unloaded prior to transporting them to the police facility. Please DO NOT attempt to bring a loaded weapon into the police facility. If you are not familiar with firearms and are unsure how to unload a weapon, please call CMPD non-emergency dispatch at (707) 654-1176 and explain to the dispatcher that you have a loaded firearm you want destroyed, but are unsure how to unload it. An officer will be dispatched to retrieve the firearm.

If you find a gun, or any other weapon outside, DO NOT TOUCH IT! Call the CMPD non-emergency dispatch at (707) 654-1176, and an officer will be sent to collect it. It is very important that the weapon remain undisturbed until an officer arrives. The firearm may have been discarded after use in a crime and could be a key item in a current police investigation.

Release of Firearms
California law requires that any time a firearm is reclaimed from a law enforcement agency, the owner must undergo a background check by the California Department of Justice (DOJ). This is done by contacting DOJ at (916) 227-7527 or visiting the California DOJ website. They will provide information on how to file an application for a firearm release. This form is called the Law Enforcement Gun Release Application. After DOJ conducts a background check, they will provide a letter to the applicant authorizing him/her to own/possess firearms. An additional check will be made when you come in to claim the weapon. This is to ensure that there has not been a change to your record since the DOJ check. 

Please bring your government ID, the original DOJ letter, and locking gun case/gun lock for your firearm. In order to claim a firearm, you MUST arrive at our facility at least 1 hour BEFORE the close of business. Be prepared to wait up to 1 hour. If you arrive less than the 1 hour prior to close of business, you may be asked to return another day.

California law also requires ALL firearms (pistols and long guns) to be registered prior to release. Please make sure your firearms are registered in your name before you start the DOJ background process.

If the firearm has been taken as evidence in a crime or suspected crime, clearance may have to be obtained from the investigating officer.

Please DO NOT bring explosives, chemicals, or other hazardous materials to the Police Department for destruction. If you have or find any types of explosives, unknown ammunition or other types of flammables (i.e., dynamite, blasting caps, fireworks, or antique military items or ordnance) or any other possible volatile hazardous materials you want to dispose of, please call CMPD non-emergency dispatch at (707) 654-1176.

An officer may be dispatched to your location to determine if experts are required to secure the material. Old explosives, ammunition and other chemicals can be very unstable, sensitive to movement, and CAN EXPLODE if moved or handled incorrectly. Specially trained experts must be brought in to handle these items. 

To claim money taken as evidence or for safekeeping, a money claim form may have to be filled out depending on the circumstances. Call the Evidence and Property Section at (707) 654-1179 for more information.

Property Receipts
If items are collected or taken from you by Cal Maritime Police officers, they may issue or have you sign an Evidence and Property Booking Receipt .  This form will list the items removed or taken. The receipt will also contain an CMPD report number on the top right corner of the page. Please refer to this report number when making any inquiries.