*Please refer to the Parking Rules and Regulations for the complete version of the CSU Maritime Academy Parking Rules and Regulations.

Parking Lots Designated For Employees

Parking lots designated for employees are Lots A and D. Employee parking lots are restricted for use.

Employee permits are honored in all lots with the exception of student Lots E and F. However, specific restrictions may apply to each lot. Please adhere to the specific rules on signs at the entrance of all lots and the signs within each lot to avoid being cited.

Lot-O will be used for additional overflow parking during daylight hours. Lot-O will also be used for larger campus events requiring additional parking. There is no overnight parking in Lot-O. Any valid CSUM parking permit will be accepted in Lot-O.

Employee Permits

  • Employee Hang Tag Permit
  • Employee Blue Hang Tag Scratcher

Employees are encouraged to purchase employee permits through payroll deduction. This is an easy way to maintain your permit. The Hang Tag Permits are paid by payroll deduction only. Please contact Human Resources to enroll.

The Hang Tag Scratcher permits can be purchased by the month at any time from The Cashier's Office, and employees can buy more than one month at a time, not to exceed the current fiscal year. They are not payroll deductible for employees. The Blue Hang Tag Scratcher permit is only valid in parking lots designated for employees.

Contract Employees

Gold Hang Tag Scratcher permits can be purchased at any time through The Cashier's Office, and a contractor can buy more than one month at a time, not to exceed the current fiscal year. They are not payroll deductible. Contracted pay the "standard" fee for a Hang Tag Scratcher permit.

Temporary Parking Permits

Administration Office

Employees with valid parking permits may request a single day permit from the Administration Building if they have forgotten their permit. Single Day permits should not be requested for more than three consecutive days.

Motorcycle Parking

Two-wheeled vehicles (including mopeds, motor scooters, or any motorized bicycle) required to be licensed by the State Department of Motor Vehicles shall park in designated motorcycle parking spaces/areas in Lots B, D, E, and I. At no time shall a motorcycle park in full-size parking stalls intended for use by four (4) wheeled passenger vehicles. Motorcycle decal semester permits must be adhered or taped to the bike's rear fender or front fork. Fees: $20.00 per semester.

*As an employee, you are required to familiarize yourself with the CSU Maritime Parking Rules and Regulations.