Upon admission, students will follow a Curriculum Roadmap based on their admit term.  Students' admit term will correspond to their four year anticipated graduation year. For example, students admitted in the Fall 2022  semester will be a member of the class of 2026 student group.

To locate your Major Curriculum Roadmap, you will need to know your "class of" group.  For FET, MET, ME and MT students, in addition to your "class of" group, you will need to know your Division.

Transfer students should work closely with their academic advisor each term.  All students are required to meet with their academic advisor each term to ensure that they are on track, and to have their advising hold released prior to registering for classes.

Questions?  Email registrar@csum.edu

Curriculum Roadmaps

You can find your specific curriculum roadmap by clicking on your department's folder below. This will take you to a full-screen view where you may print or download your curriculum roadmaps.

When you are finished looking up your curriculum roadmap, just click the "Back" button to return to this page.

Academic Advisement Reports

Students are encouraged to also review their Academic Advisement Report via Online Services (PeopleSoft/Oracle) each semester, prior to course registration.

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