Returning to Cal Maritime

Welcome back!

Students who were previously enrolled at Cal Maritime and are now requesting to return are required to submit a Cal Maritime Application for Readmission. Here are some important details to know before starting the readmission process:

· Students requesting to return to Cal Maritime after an absence of less than 1 year will retain their catalog rights and degree program if approved for readmission (unless changing majors).

· Students returning after an absence of more than 1 year (or changing majors) may not retain their catalog rights and may be subject to the academic requirements for the degree of the most recently admitted class. Students returning from continuous military leave are an exception and will retain their original catalog rights if returning to their original degree program.

· Students requesting to change majors are strongly encouraged to discuss their change of major request with the Department Chair or Dean of that program before submitting their application for readmission.

· Additional documents and an application fee may be required before a student’s application for readmission can be reviewed. Students returning from a continuous military leave are not required to pay an application fee.

· Readmission is not guaranteed. Students will be reviewed for compliance with current policy and admissions standards.

Returning from a Leave of Absence or University Withdrawal

For students who submitted a Leave of Absence, University Withdrawal or were suspended, see our AA 03-016 Leave and Withdrawal Policy for further readmission requirements.  For students who were Academically Disqualified, see our AA 03-004 Academic Standing Policy for further readmission requirements.

· If a student is approved for readmission, they must resolve all outstanding obligations and/or holds (i.e. library fines, accounting holds, judicial holds, etc.) prior to registration. Students may contact the Office of the Registrar at to verify current holds. · If readmission is denied, students may reach out to for additional guidance and next steps.

Readmission Deadlines:

· Fall Semester: August 1st 

· Spring Semester: Nov 1st

· Summer Semester: December 1st*

*(Students who plan to take an International Experience course must apply by this deadline).

Students applying after the deadlines above are subject to denial.


Checklist for Readmission

  • Complete the Cal Maritime Application for Readmission. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing. You will be notified via email if your application is approved or denied.
  • If you are returning from a leave of withdrawal due to health reasons, health clearance will be required. Please contact the Health Center at 707-654-1170 for next steps.
  • Pay the $55 Application Fee ONLY if you have been away for more than one year. Contact the Cashier's Office at 707-654-1031 or to pay the fee. (Students returning from military leave are not required to pay an application fee). 
  • Complete the Tuberculin Skin Test Results and Cal Maritime Health Report ONLY if you have been away for more than one year. Forms are available on Student Health Center website.
  • Complete the Readmission Health Statement ONLY if you have been away for more than one year. Form available on Student Health Center
  • Order Official transcript(s)  from all colleges attended after leaving Cal Maritime, regardless of grades earned. Official transcripts may be sent electronically to
  • Complete your Housing License Contract and Agreement - Contact the Office of Housing & Residential Life at or 707-654-1400.
  • Confirm your academic plan for returning. Reach out to your faculty advisor, department chair, or a University Advisor at to review your graduation plan and classes to enroll in for the upcoming term.
  • Ensure all outstanding PeopleSoft holds are resolved. For a list of department holds and who to contact, please see the AA 03-016 Leave and Withdrawal Policy.
  • Email the Office of the Registrar your requested schedule to be enrolled in classes. Classes must have open seats and all requisites must be met. You can email your schedule preference to
  • Contact the Commandants Office at and notify the office of your intent to return to campus. You will received updated information about uniform and grooming standards.