Open University Enrollment Process

1.  Print and complete the Open University Form.  

2.  Students should attend the first week of classes and secure faculty approval based on space availability.  By the second week of late registration (priority is given to matriculated students), the Open University Add form(s) will be processed during the second week of the late registration period.  Open University Add form(s) will not be processed prior to the start of the semester.

Note:  Although Open University is based on "space availability," the registrar's office cannot guarantee nor assure that students will be permitted to enroll in any class. Faculty has the discretion to manage course enrollment and require students to provide documentation demonstrating satisfactory completion of pre-requisites. Course prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment. An academic transcript indicating successful completion of course prerequisites must be presented to at the time of application.

3.  The Open University fee is $372/unit.  Students will be required to pay the fee or forfeit enrollment by the payment deadline.  Students will be dropped from their Open University courses if fees are not paid by the 20th day of instruction.

Questions?  Contact the Office of the Registrar at

Students may not enroll in courses that are taught on the TSGB.  The clearance must be provided to the Registrar's Office along with the Open University Form.