Registration Overview

Incoming students to Cal Maritime are block registered for their fall term courses.  Scheduling commences in late June for incoming students whose accounts are free of holds.  All subsequent registration or adjustments to schedules is done by the student using PeopleSoft during registration periods.

Registration for the spring term occurs in November.  Registration for the summer term occurs at the end of January.  Registration for the fall term  occurs in May.  There may also be secondary registration periods. Open registration periods will be posted on the Office of the Registrar website and students will see enrollment appointments in their Student Center.

General Guidelines

On your Student Center page, under Enrollment Dates, view your "Enrollment Appointment" day and time. Each student has been  assigned a unique start time, which cannot be changed. You may not register for courses until the start of your enrollment appointment.  You may continue to register until the end of the registration period.

Check your holds. Holds which would prevent registration include: advisor, unpaid financial balances, parking tickets, and library fines. You can view your holds online via the Student Center by clicking the "details" link, then the "Hold Item" link.

Schedule an appointment with your faculty program advisor (well in advance of your enrollment appointment!). Advising generally occurs in the two-three week period prior to registration. The name of your program advisor can be found in your Student Center (right underneath your enrollment appointment). You can also view your advisor's on-campus phone number and office location.

There are several tools which are very useful in planning your class schedule;

Curriculum roadmaps are guides to course completion for each of the majors.  Majors are displayed as four-year programs.

Academic Requirements Report via Online Services. On your Student Center page, select "Academic Requirement" (under Academics). You can also view a different version of your academic requirements report by navigating to Self-Service > Academic Records > View Unofficial Transcript. Select Advising Transcript as the Report Type.

Schedule Planner via Online Services.