Sustainability Projects at CSU Maritime Academy

Coming Fall 2023: KFam Weekend October 6 & October 7
What is Farm to Fork?


Our mission has always been to support the campus with opportunities to gather with community (cadets, faculty, staff/admin) by celebrating our biodiversity and applying sustainable practices when it comes to growing, consuming, and disposing (organic) produce. We primarily achieve that through the implementation of knowing what you consume, where it came from, and how it affects our lifestyle. 


Environmental Sustainability 

Empowering Communities 

Equity +Diversity 

Healthier lifestyle 

  • Procurement of local foods 
  • Biodigester  
  • Gathering, socializing 
  • chefs, farmers, ranchers 
  • Basic needs assessment 
  • value of local agriculture 
  • Food education quality, variety 
  • Quantity 
  • price 

Looking Ahead 

Showcasing alternative food options. To highlight “local eats” providing tools to build their capacity to launch or grow efforts to market to campus, therefore increasing sales to campus for local businesses 

  • Supply and demand, including price points, volume requirements, and seasonal availability 
  • Logistics: delivery requirements and determining what local foods our campus purchase 
  • Food story: safety and responsibility 
  • Relationship building with Sodexo 



  • Identify and expand curricular opportunities to connect to campus community gardens 
    • Ask Sodexo and bring a chef into the classroom or host 25Live event cadet-invitations 
    • Campus signage newsletters (print and electronic) 
    • Seasonal Magazine + Bear’s Tale etc. 
    • Preview + Recap 
    • website + 25Live events + META 
  • Local media 
    • Times-Herald 
    • Napa Valley 
    • Vacaville 
    • Bay Area News Group 
  • Community 
    • Cadets/ASCMA 
    • Staff/Faculty Departments 
    • Alumni 
    • KFam