Sustainability Projects at CSU Maritime Academy

Coming Summer 2023: Goats
Goats at Cal Maritime
Why are goats coming Cal Maritime?

Starting 7/14/2022 we will be having a heard of goats and sheep around campus working through the overgrown brush and weeds. This work will span over a month to complete.  Be aware that there will be livestock trucks present to transport the heard to the campus. The heard will periodically be moving through campus rough terrain areas.  Stay clear of any temporary fencing that will be put up by the Shepards as it will be electrified. Please refrain from touching or petting the livestock. This is for yours and the heard safety. 


Project benefits to Cal Maritime’s campus

Look out for the goats and sheep. You read that right. Cal Maritime's campus has fed around 250 goats and sheep this summer 2022 and will return summer 2023! As they feast on our dense brush and shrubbery, they are actually playing a huge part in our fire mitigation efforts on campus. They'll be here during the summer so be on the lookout - you may even see a few kids and lambs. #TheGOATs

Can I take pictures of the Goats?

Yes, please do not touch the goats unless advised.