2nd to last Formo to kickoff Earth Week!

Challenging cadets' commitment!

Positive rock painting project!

Soccer team committing to the challenge!

Awesome rock design!

Community Engagement's beautiful design!

Cadets taking a break creating rocks!

Commandant participating in Commitment Challenge!

Alumni Association Clothing Drive!

Donation opportunity; blender bike smoothies!

Affirmation tree!

More contributions @Morrow!

The walk to the Boat Basin Garden!

Upkeeping bushes & flowers @ Boat Basin Garden!

Boat Basin Garden planting!

Succulents @Boat Basin Garden!

Handing out totes!

Recology spreading awareness!

Making sustainable totes!

Crumbl Cookies joins the fun!

Celebrating Earth Week!

Making sustainable totes!

Blend your perfect smoothie!

Blender bike time!

Showcasing local businesses!

Building planter boxes!

Mini farmer's market!

Plastics project showcase!

Garden Party!

Garden Party!

B-Lot looks clearer!

Tree planting @ Mayo Hall

Trees will bloom soon @ Mayo Hall!

Biodigester installation!

Thanks for participating in Cal Maritime Earth Week (April 15-22) 2023!

The Sustainability Program strives to foster a culture of diverse, equitable and inclusive sustainability at CSU Maritime Academy (Cal Maritime). We actively engage cadets, staff, faculty, and community members through education, leadership development, institutional change and behavioral transformation. We build partnerships with students and community members to improve Cal Maritime's environmental performance, seeking to model the way for how large institutions can work collaboratively to solve some of the world's biggest environmental and social justice challenges.


Knocking on the 21st century door, our campus is committed to creating a more knowledgeable and sustainable community. Connecting Sustainability with the campus strategic goals of enhancing the cadet experience, emphasizing the academic/organizational/inclusive excellence through the Office of Community Engagement's partnerships and outreach. CSU Maritime Academy offers ten sustainability courses, eight of them at the focus-level, and two at the inclusive-level.

  • Environmental Law
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Marine Biology
  • Environmental Policies
  • Ocean Environmental Management
  • Citizens Environmental Sciences
  • Polar Politics
  • Ocean Politics
  • Comparative Maritime Policies
  • Energy Systems Design

In addition, the campus has an active Energy & Sustainability Committee consisting of faculty, staff, and cadets. Cadets are encouraged to take on energy, water, and other sustainability related projects for their class projects. Cadets and faculty take active role in campuses' Earth day, Arbor Day, Clean air day, e-waste day, collegiate competition teams, and other sustainability events.


Newly renovated Mayo Hall Student Center!

Be Environmentally Responsible

Meet the new Coordinator | Rizz

Congrats Class of 2023!

Farm 2 Fork | Coming Orientation Week

On the blender bike!

Get Involved!

Solar CarPort On-Campus Coming 2024

Community Engagement Collaboration

Purchase Uniforms + Merchandise

Upgraded HVAC/Lighting coming soon

Pack the PEAC #GoKeelhaulers

Everything Cal Maritime

Request a Sustainability Presentation

If you want to learn about our projects, brush up on zero waste, or collaborate with us, please invite! We'd love to speak to your class, group, or department meeting.

We have led sessions including:

  • Zero Waste training
  • Get started with bike commuting/walking
  • Sustainable business
  • Careers in sustainability
  • Food sustainability
  • Campus planning + sustainability overview


Work proactively to integrate sustainability into the core responsibilities and daily activities of faculty, cadets, and staff

Through the Campus Physical Master Plan. The Sustainability Program facilitates and manages Cal Maritime's Campus Sustainability Plan and supports the campus to refine, track, and implement goals and benchmarks.

Create a central space for coordination of campus sustainability activities, educational initiatives, noteworthy campus achievements, reporting and national rankings.

Work to advance different cultural definitions of how to care for environmental spaces and human communities, promote social justice and anti-racism work, and advance multicultural inclusion in sustainability initiatives across campus.

Build bridges between operations, teaching and research to establish Cal Maritime as a living, learning laboratory in which cadets can learn and apply sustainability principles and techniques.