Name Title Department Phone
Abrego, Natalia A Administrative Support Coordinator IIOffice of the Commandant(707)654-1180
Aceves Robles, Rodrigo Health Services AssistantHealth Center(707)654-1172
Aguirre, Judy N Student and Travel AccountantFinancial Operations(707)654-1059
Alaniz, Bessie J. Assistant to the DeanSchool of MTLMAdministrative(707)654-1774
Aldrich, Joel A C Voc Lec Maritime AYNCMarine Transportation(707)654-1260
Alexander, Josie Student Activities CoordinatorDean of Students(707)654-1142
Altamirano-Campos, Evelyn Asst Athletic TrainerAthletics(707)654-1017
Amen Ra, Imhotet A Womens Basketball CoachAthletics(707)654-1783
Anthony, Miriam I SSP Academic Related I AYCounseling & Psychological Svc(707)654-1198
Arnold, Kathy Director of Graduate ProgramsMasters Program(707)654-1271
Austin, Jalil S Manager of Custodial ServicesCustodial(707)654-1131
Bachkar, Khalid ProfessorIntl Business & Logistics(707)654-1184
Bagheri, Nader ProfessorMechanical Engineering(707)654-1102
Balfour, Malinda D Lead Res Life CoordinatorHousing Residential Life(707)654-1410
Balmat, Andrew S Grants Administration ManagerAssociate Provost(707)654-1565
Bang, John H Financial AnalystBudget Department(707)654-1029
Bankston, Eric L Sports Information DirectorAthletics(707)654-1840
Bautista, Kristen M Manager Benefits Human Capital and Risk Management ProgramsHuman Resources(707)654-1146
Benson, Joel V Port Security GuardPolice Services(707)654-1770
Benton, Graham Assoc ProvostAssociate Provost(707)654-1147
Bland, Anders T BosunTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1318
Blas, Paulo Equipment TechnicianWaterfront(707)654-1253
Bolanos, Mike Classroom A/V Specialist 12 MoAudio Visual(707)654-1261
Borchard, Laurie A Sr Asst Librarian 12 MonthLibrary(707)654-1091
Bowling, Andrew J Lead AV and Simulations ITCSimulators(707)654-1012
Branch, Carol D. Title IX and Civil Rights OfficerStudent Equity & Programs(707)654-1178
Brekelmans, Christina M Asst Athletic TrainerAthletics(707)654-1017
Brito, Sianna D Academic Support CoordinatorAcademic Support Faculty Dev(707)654-1779
Brooks-Moore, DeDe Buyer 1Purchasing(707)654-1738
Bross, Janice Senior Director Development & Campaign ManagerUniversity Advancement(707)654-1789
Brown, Christopher W AVP Research and InnovationResearch & Sponsored Programs(707)654-1282
Brown, Robert James Waterfront ManagerWaterfront(707)654-1710
Browne, Steven Dean MT Logistics MgmtSchool of MTLMAdministrative(707)654-1162
Burback, Tamara Associate ProfessorMarine Transportation(707)654-1223
Butler, Anthony R CMA Stationary EngineerBuilding Maintenance(707)654-1123
Calipes, Zelda Admin Support Assistant IIReception(707)654-1712
Calnan, Kevin T Assistant ProfessorMarine Transportation(707)654-1206
Caplin, Mark Per Diem Physician AssistantHealth Center(707)654-1188
Carreon, Donna HRIS ManagerHuman Resources(707)654-1417
Carter, Carlo Community Service Spec 12 MoPolice Services(707)654-1176
Carvalho, Michael O. Mens Soccer CoachAthletics(707)654-1050
Ceria, Karlo Employment Services CoordinatorHuman Resources(707)654-1418
Chandrasevkaran, Gopaal PeopleSoft AnalystInformation Technology(707)654-1729
Chappell, Geoffrey T CMA GroundskeeperGrounds(707)654-1128
Chavez, Jalen M EOP CoordinatorEducational Opportunity Prgm(707)654-1082
Chiego, Christopher Assistant ProfessorIntl Strategy & Security(707)654-1148
Chin, Laura Desktop Services ITCInformation Technology(707)654-1728
Chisholm, Julianne K. ProfessorCulture & Communication(707)654-1169
Chou, Grace S MDDir Student Health CenterHealth Center(707)654-1173
Christian, Jim Voc Lec Maritime AYNCMarine Transportation(707)654-1774
Christopher, Robyn L Dir USCG Licensing ProgramsSTCW(707)654-1297
Cintas, Richard L Shipping & Receiving PropertyWarehouse(707)654-1125
Clark, David E CMA GroundskeeperGrounds(707)654-1128
Clarke, Natalia Lecturer AYAthletics(707)654-1050
Clyatt, Thomas J Lecturer AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1035
Collins, Marilou Accountant IIIFinancial Operations(707)654-1280
Conley, Savannah Rose Payroll Technician I or IIHuman Resources(707)654-1021
Cornell, Karyn A Chief of Staff/AVP Univ AffairOffice of the President(707)654-1788
Cosgrove, Joshua James Voc Lec Maritime AYNCMarine Transportation(707)654-1774
Cropper, Thomas A. President EmeritusOffice of the President(707)654-1000
Cruz, Elba A Human Capital HR Compliance Title IX and DHR AnalystHuman Resources(707)654-1419
Dapikilla, Ruben CustodianCustodial(707)654-1411
Dawson, Craig Thomas Manager Environmental Health and SafetySafety & Risk Management(707)654-1076
De Trane, Matthew J Assoc Dir AthleticsAthletics(707)654-1047
Dewey, Colin ProfessorCulture & Communication(707)654-1018
Dhillon, Vineeta Dir 1st Yr Tr & Family ProgVP Student Affairs(707)654-1283
Dineen-Thackeray, Lorrie Director Contract & ProcurementPurchasing(707)654-1086
Djendjinovic, Marin Lecturer AYScience & Mathematics(707)654-1018
Donovan, Matthew S Residential Life CoordinatorHousing Residential Life(707)654-1400
Dudman, Matt Lecturer AYIntl Business & Logistics(707)654-1207
Dumont, Michael J PresidentOffice of the President(707)654-1011
Duran, Maribel Instructional Designer & Technology SpecialistAcademic Technology(707)654-1659
Eaton, Jon A Voc Lec Maritime AYNCEngineering Technology(707)654-1165
Edwards, Kris Sr Information Technology ConsultantHousing Operations & Revenue(707)654-1424
Ekmekjian, Marie A SSP Academic Related II AYCounseling & Psychological Svc(707)654-1174
Elliott, Britt T Voc Instr IV Maritime AYCRMarine Transportation(707)654-1254
Escobar, Mayra Associate Director of Transfer and Enrollment ManagementAdmissions and Outreach(707)654-1331
Fairbanks, Matthew S Assistant ProfessorScience & Mathematics(707)654-1107
Fischer, Jonathan S. Associate ProfessorEngineering Technology(707)654-1243
Ford, Charles R SergeantPolice Services(707)654-1176
Fortuno, Michael J Police OfficerPolice Services(707)654-1176
Fowler, Jessica Lela Marie Assistant to the CaptainTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1211
Francis, Stephanie Bonita Director Career ServicesCareer Services(707)654-1194
Frick, Christopher L Lecturer AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1018
Rosa, Hannah Coaching Spec AYCrew CoachAthletics(707)654-1776
Garcia, Ismael C CMA GroundskeeperGrounds(707)654-1213
Garcia, Juana H CustodianCustodial(707)654-1131
Garcia, Xiomara Records & Articulation CoordinatorRegistrars Office(707)654-1203
Garner, Luke W Classroom AV Support Specialist 10/12Audio Visual(707)654-1656
Glaze, Joshua D CMA Electrician IBuilding Maintenance(707)654-1123
Gomez, Francisco Cross Country Coach12 MoAthletics(707)654-1050
Gonzales, Patrick Andrew Canieso Voc Lec Maritime 12 MoCruiseMarine Transportation(707)654-1160
Gonzalez, Daisy Career CoordinatorCareer Services(707)654-1077
Gonzalez, Jose R JrEAP & Early HS Adm CounselorAdmissions and Outreach(707)654-1081
Goodrich, Mark N AVP Enterprise ServiceHousing Operations & Revenue(707)654-1563
Gordon, Donny E Chief of PolicePolice Services(707)654-1175
Green, Scott William Maritime Vocational Instructor IIEngineering Technology(707)654-1112
Grover, David Lecturer AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1115
Guidry, Cat Athletics Administrative CoordAthletics(707)654-1050
Gutierrez, Walter H Network/Systems LeadInformation Technology(707)654-1706
Gutkina, Olga Lecturer AYScience & Mathematics(707)654-1150
Hansen, Katie University AdvisorRegistrars Office(707)654-1794
Harper, Patricia L Admin Analyst/SpecialistSchool of L&SAdministrative(707)654-1018
Hartman, Lauren Lecturer AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1018
Snell, Antony ProfessorMechanical Engineering(707)654-1291
Hasty, Cliff Accountant IIIFinancial Operations(707)654-1007
Hattori, Naho Facilities Office SpecialistPlant Office(707)654-1120
Hayes, Peter ProfessorMarine Transportation(707)654-1290
Hennike, Craig Company CommandantOffice of the Commandant(707)654-1196
Henry, Brandon CustodianCustodial(707)654-1131
Henry, Taylor A Instructional Support Asst IIIStudent Recreation Program(707)654-1791
Hernandez, Marie E Chief Human Resources OfficerHuman Resources(707)654-1138
Heslop, Beverley J Police Services Admin SupportPolice Services(707)654-1681
Heuer, Monica D Associate Athletic DirectorStudent Recreation Program(707)654-1843
Holden, Michael E ProfessorMechanical Engineering(707)654-1109
Holl-Mcgowan, Valerie E Voc Lec Maritime AYNCMarine Transportation(707)654-1154
Houston-Collins, Tari Executive Assistant to the PresidentOffice of the President(707)654-1011
Huang, Li-Hsuan Lecturer AYScience & Mathematics(707)654-1018
Hutchinson, Heather S Clinic LeadHealth Center(707)654-1188
Inoue, Taiyo ProfessorScience & Mathematics(707)654-1016
Isakson, Christine D Assistant ProfessorIntl Business & Logistics(707)654-1250
Jackson, Aziza Director of Public Affairs & Strategic CommunicationsPublic Relations(707)654-1245
Jackson, Travis JrCustodianCustodial(707)654-1131
Janssen, Amber LibrarianLibrary(707)654-1093
Jefferson, Albert D Lecturer AYMechanical Engineering(707)654-1229
Jefferson, Jamal E Lead CustodianCustodial(707)654-1411
Jennings, Carla A Clinical AssistantHealth Center(707)654-1170
Johnson, Colin M Mens Basketball CoachAthletics(707)654-1057
Johnson, Tracey F Lecturer AYScience & Mathematics(707)654-1018
Kamdar, Nipoli Dept Chair 12 MoIntl Business & Logistics(707)654-1242
Kazek, Michael S Associate ProfessorEngineering Technology(707)654-1744
Kielar, Stephen Lecturer AYScience & Mathematics(707)654-1018
Killingsworth, Demetrius R SrBuilding Maintenance WorkerBuilding Maintenance(707)654-1411
Kipp, Sylvia Senior Budget AnalystBudget Department(707)654-1029
Koekemoer, Samantha Assistant to the DeanSch of EngineeringAdministrat(707)654-1232
Kreta, Stephen J Lecturer AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1019
Lam, Michael CMS & HRIS ManagerInformation Technology(707)654-1721
LeVan, Kenneth P Voc Lec Maritime AYCREngineering Technology(707)654-1115
Lewis, Nicholas R Voc Lec Maritime AYNCProfMarine Transportation(707)654-1241
Lewis, Tony Associate ProfessorIntl Business & Logistics(707)654-1269
Lindsay, Tony Desktop ServicesInformation Technology(707)654-1730
Lipscomb, Keith Anthony Engineering Equipment TechnicianSch of EngineeringAdministrat(707)654-1249
Lipset, James Voc Lec Maritime AYNCMarine Transportation(707)654-1257
Loera, Krystal R University AdvisorRegistrars Office(707)654-1785
Loiacono, Stephen Scientific Program ManagerGolden Bear Research Ctr(707)654-1259
Long, Steffan Lecturer AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1108
Lopez, Gabriela Police OfficerPolice Services(707)654-1176
Lozano, Franz VP for Admin & FinanceVP Administration & Finance(707)654-1038
Luce, Katherine Librarian 12 MoLibrary(707)654-1769
Luna, Maritess R Administrative Support Coordinator IICareer Services(707)654-1071
Maffei Schmid, Domini M Director Alumni Relations and EventsUniversity Advancement(707)654-1299
Mandernack, Kevin W ProfessorScience & Mathematics(707)654-1106
Manning, Andrew John Voc Lec Maritime AYNCMarine Transportation(707)654-1014
Manuel, Corazon J Dir for Enrlmnt and MrktingAdmissions and Outreach(707)654-1275
Marocchino, Kathryn D ProfessorCulture & Communication(707)654-1152
Martin, Chelsea Clara Second Mate & Compliance OfcrTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1306
Martin, Larry R Manager for Enrlmnt & MrktngAdmissions and Outreach(707)654-1334
McClain, Chelsea E Director University AffairsOffice of the President(707)654-1780
McCrary, Uber Director of Facilities OperationsBuilding Maintenance(707)654-1130
Mcdevitt, Tony Lee Assistant ProfessorMarine Transportation(707)654-1208
Mcghee, Neil C 1st Assistant EngineerTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1322
Mcnie, Elizabeth C Associate ProfessorMarine Transportation(707)654-1237
Meredith, Dianne E Associate ProfessorIntl Strategy & Security(707)654-1166
Metz, Jennifer M Lecturer Academic YearIntl Strategy & Security(707)654-1099
Miller, Rebecca C Lecturer AYEngineering Technology(707)654-1736
Mohammadpour, Maryam Lecturer AYScience & Mathematics(707)654-1018
Moore, Jimmy Kenneth Interim Commandant of CadetsOffice of the Commandant(707)654-1713
Moorhead, Keir M Department Chair 12 monthEngineering Technology(707)654-1117
Morris, Len Port Security GuardPolice Services(707)654-1176
Moser, Gary R Director of Institutional ResearchBudget Department(707)654-1224
Murray, Michael A AVP Facilities ManagementPlant Office(707)654-1726
Musburger, Craig A LecturerScience & Mathematics(707)654-1018
Myslik, JoEllen P. Community Engagement SpecialistCSU Community Programs(707)654-1412
Nagy, Doug Chief MateTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1394
Nance, Meagan E Director Initiatives and EOP ProgramInclusion Initiatives(707)654-1070
Nelson, Erika V Coord Student Acad SupportStudent Engagement(707)654-1748
Nelson, Nicholas J Assistant Enrollment Management CoordinatorAdmissions and Outreach(707)654-1277
Neumann, Robert J. Lecturer Academic YearIntl Business & Logistics(707)654-1163
Nichols, Dan 2nd Assistant EngineerTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1312
Nicolay, Paul C. CMA Stationary EngineerBuilding Maintenance(707)654-1124
Nordenholz, Thomas R ProfessorMechanical Engineering(707)654-1114
Nosker, Zachary Z Assistant ProfessorEngineering Technology(707)654-1023
Odom, Julia L RegistrarRegistrars Office(707)654-1201
Oppenheim, Tomas Associate ProfessorMechanical Engineering(707)654-1792
Parker, Alexander E Dean Letters & SciencesSchool of L&SAdministrative(707)654-1149
Parsons, Amy C ProfessorCulture & Communication(707)654-1238
Pate, Laura M Facilities Planning Design and Construction ManagerCampus Planning(707)654-1127
Pate, Rhonda Operations & Budget CoordProvost/VP Academic Affairs(707)654-1226
Pearson, Samuel B IIIAssistant ProfessorMarine Transportation(707)654-1797
Pecota, Samuel ProfessorMarine Transportation(707)654-1164
Pinisetty, Dinesh Dean School EngineeringSch of EngineeringAdministrat(707)654-1445
Pohlmann, Brent G Assistant ProfessorScience & Mathematics(707)654-1036
Prothro-Jones, Lennon M Dean of StudentsDean of Students(707)654-1470
Pulanco, Edwin A. Maintenance Mechanic CMABuilding Maintenance(707)654-1124
Putong, Bryant Ivan A IT Help Desk ConsultantInformation Technology(707)654-1068
Quimen, Erna Student Accounts SpecialistFinancial Operations(707)654-1031
Villanueva, Sophia CMA Lead GroundskeeperGrounds(707)654-1128
Radics-johnson, Jennifer Senior Director Advancement OperationsUniversity Advancement(707)654-1104
Ramirez, Elsy C Accounts Payable AccountantFinancial Operations(707)654-1028
Ramirez, Saul Director Financial AidFinancial Aid Administration(707)654-1276
Reiman, Fred Voc Lec Maritime AYCRMarine Transportation(707)654-1409
Retherford, Cragen J SergeantPolice Services(707)654-1176
Robison, Rick Interim Dean Library & Learning SvcsLibrary(707)654-1097
Rodriguez, Eusebio Lecturer AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1018
Rogers, Timothy L Equipment Technician II SpecializedTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1252
Romanchenko, Igor Equipment Technician IWaterfront(707)654-1671
Ross, Michael D Port Security GuardPolice Services(916)632-1994
Ruggeri, Francesca Academic Personnel & Employment Services ManagerHuman Resources(707)654-1244
Runyon, Steven T. Associate ProfessorScience & Mathematics(707)654-1216
Samansky, Janelle I Manager Advancement ServicesUniversity Advancement(707)654-1210
Sanchez, Guy Anthony CustodianCustodial(707)654-1131
Santos, Cecilia J Admiss Mod & Process AnalystAdmissions and Outreach(707)654-1332
Santos, Macel K VPSACD Executive Assistant and Office CoordinatorDean of Students(707)654-1190
Satterwhite, David Lee Assistant ProfessorEngineering Technology(707)654-1061
Scheese, Emily A Womens Soccer CoachAthletics(707)654-1841
Bannister, Samar Captain of Training Ship Golden Bear and Director of Marine ProgramsTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1303
Schroeder, Lori K Provost & VP Academic AffairsProvost/VP Academic Affairs(707)654-1020
Senk, Sarah Associate ProfessorCulture & Communication(707)654-1202
Setniker, Ariel Assistant ProfessorScience & Mathematics(707)654-1747
Shackman, Joshua D Associate ProfessorIntl Business & Logistics(707)654-1737
Shields, Nicolas Andrew Engineering Operations ManagerGolden Bear Research Ctr(707)654-1258
Short, Josh Alan Instructional Support Technician IIISch of EngineeringAdministrat(707)654-1231
Sigler-Seaman, Sean C CustodianCustodial(707)654-1131
Simen, Janice H Consultant PharmacistHealth Center(707)654-1170
Simons, Julie Associate ProfessorScience & Mathematics(707)654-1066
Sims, Tianna C Medical AssistantHealth Center(707)654-1198
Singh, Gurpreet B Police OfficerPolice Services(707)654-1176
Sinha, Aparna Associate ProfessorCulture & Communication(707)654-1273
Sisneros, John A Maintenance Mechanic CMABuilding Maintenance(707)654-1124
Skoll, Amy Assistant ProfessorIntl Strategy & Security(707)654-1743
Smiljanic-Villa, Shari L Records Data AnalystRegistrars Office(707)654-1205
Solemnidad, Luis T Network SystemsInformation Technology(707)654-1762
Solorio, Gilbert G Sr Enrollment System AnalystFinancial Aid Administration(707)654-1009
Som, Andrew AVP for Budget Financial Services and Data AnalyticsBudget Department(707)654-1085
Soriano, Jeff Port Security GuardPolice Services(707)654-1176
Sosa, Paul Systems AdministratorInformation Technology(707)654-1084
Sotuyo, Jessica T Commercial Shipping CoordinatorSTCW(707)654-1027
Stackpole, Mark L Library TechnologistLibrary(707)654-1092
Starr, Scott Lecturer AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1018
Stauffer, Nicole D Multimedia SpecialistPublic Relations(707)654-1049
Strange, Michael E. Associate ProfessorEngineering Technology(707)654-1702
Tamayo, Frances Rachel M Circulation Desk CoordinatorLibrary(707)654-1098
Taylor, Jordan Assistant ProfessorMarine Transportation(707)654-1733
Teoh, Jase Senior Director Learning and Academic TechnologyAcademic Technology(707)654-1659
Terrado, Tania CustodianCustodial(707)654-1411
Tjokro, Irene Emas Director CSUMA CorporationBookstore(707)654-1185
Torres, Anthony R Community Service Spec 12 MoPolice Services(707)654-1770
Trevisan, Cynthia S. ProfessorScience & Mathematics(707)654-1119
Trotty, Titus W CustodianCustodial(707)654-1131
Tsai, William W Associate ProfessorMechanical Engineering(707)654-1222
Verlaak, Zoe Lecturer AYScience & Mathematics(707)654-1018
Vescio, Frank G Accounting ManagerFinancial Operations(707)654-1074
Vides, DeAna S Disability Resources AdvisorDisability Services(707)654-1562
Villezar, Mario Jesus B Port Security GuardPolice Services(707)654-1176
Vinavong, Darling Executive AssistantOffice of the President(707)654-1054
Wade, Ryan D Dept Chair12mo Intl Strat&SecIntl Strategy & Security(707)654-1167
Wainwright, David I Lecturer AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1018
Wallace, Ian J Director of CounselingCounseling & Psychological Svc(707)654-1174
Wang, Lin Lecturer AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1018
Ward, Jeffrey S Asst Director of AthleticsAthletics(707)654-1055
Ward, Margaret Assistant ProfessorMarine Transportation(707)654-1672
Warner, Lisa M Instructional Support Asst IIITraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1386
Warren, Angelique G Operations and Budget Coordinator Foundation and Student AffairsUniversity Advancement(707)654-1079
Washington, Earnest Building Maintenance Wrkr CMABuilding Maintenance(707)654-1120
Westmoreland, Tim Director of Residence LifeHousing Residential Life(707)654-1400
Williams-Mansuy, Tammie L Womens Golf Coaching Asst AYAthletics(707)654-1050
Wilson, Lavella D Program Coordinator Extended LearningRA CME Extended Lrng(707)654-1157
Xiong-Moua, Pang Grants & Contracts SpecialistResearch & Sponsored Programs(707)654-1039
Yip, Frank L. ProfessorScience & Mathematics(707)654-1723
Yoder, Karen L Dir Athletics & Physical EdAthletics(707)654-1790
Zamora-Blair, Andrea E Employment Services AnalystHuman Resources(707)654-1137
Zuniga, Julieta Lecturer AYCulture & Communication(707)654-1018
Punglia, Jaya Emeritus(707)654-1018
Hahn, Judy Volunteer(707)654-1289
Hamilton, Amari Volunteer(707)654-1411
Kitazono, Lloyd Emeritus(707)654-1018
Pronchick, Stephen Emeritus(707)654-1018
Whitney, Scott Volunteer(707)654-1131
Thomsen, Michael Volunteer(707)654-1304
Shea, Eoin Volunteer(707)654-1211
Hellwig, Beth Interim VP of Cadet Leadership and DevelopmentVP Cadet Ldrship and Dvlpmt(707)654-1168
Garcia Herrera, Fabian Volunteer(707)654-1050
Merrill, Terrance Volunteer(707)654-1050
Boe, Veronica Volunteer(707)654-1156
Kreta, Stephen Emeritus(707)654-1019
Torres, Orlando Volunteer(707)654-1212
Eisenhardt, William Emeritus(707)246-5904
Leyda, Paul Emeritus(707)654-1018
Eberlein, Amanda Volunteer(707)654-1289
Sharkey, Sara Volunteer(707)654-1303
Telgen, David Volunteer(707)654-1265
Vann, Corey Volunteer(707)654-1424
Ong, Gail Marice Volunteer(707)654-1411
Shay, Monique Volunteer(562)951-4500
Brown, Kareem Volunteer(707)654-1566
Manalang, Ralene Volunteer(707)654-1566
Buckey, David Volunteer(707)654-1181
Pederson, Tyler Volunteer(707)654-1413
Wheeler, James Emeritus(707)654-1018
Nincic, Donna Emeritus(707)654-1018
Collier, Jasmyne Volunteer(707)654-1566
Ford, Robert Volunteer(707)654-1411
Messer-Bookman, Tuuli Emeritus(707)654-1018
Bartlett, Carlton Volunteer(707)654-1736
Ojeda, Jennifer Volunteer(707)724-9606
Sosa, Nichole Volunteer(707)654-1424
Bruno, Jessica Volunteer(707)654-1149
Roberts, Edward Volunteer(707)654-1050
Kleitman, Adam Chief EngineerTraining Ship Golden Bear(707)654-1304

NOTICE: This campus directory has been compiled for the use and convenience of faculty, staff and students at California State University Maritime Academy and others wishing to locate faculty and staff. It is the property of California State University Maritime Academy. Neither this directory nor the information contained herein may be used, rented, distributed, or sold for commercial purposes in accordance with the California Information Practices Act.