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Cal Maritime Grading Policy

Grading resources

Grade Scheme

  • Letter Grades
  • Performance Grades

Canvas Guide - Grading Schemes

Assignment Index

  • Weighting
  • Order
  • Drop/Keep (lowest/highest)

Canvas Guide - Assignments


Canvas Guide - Grades

Use the Gradebook to:

  • View grades by grading periods
  • View assignment submission notifications and assignment details
  • Sort the gradebook by assignment due dates, student names, secondary id, total scores, or group scores (if applicable)
  • Download assignment submissions from students to grade or view them offline when no internet connection is available
  • Manually enter student grades
  • Automatically calculate total and final grades
  • Assign zeros after deadline
  • Simultaneously view grade information across all courses
  • Notify students when an assignment has been graded
  • View Grade history and revert updated assignment scores to previous scores (including grades from multiple submissions and/or regraded quizzes)
  • Download or upload Grades as a CSV file
  • Hide grades from students until they are published
  • Create custom curving and grade ranges
  • Message students who haven’t submitted an assignment yet, or who scored more than X or less than Y on an assignment
  • Leave private grading notes/comments for the student
  • Excuse an assignment, discussion, or quiz for a student


Points/Percent, View options, Sync/Import/Export, Settings -


Apply Score to Ungraded -


Canvas Guide - SpeedGrader

Use the SpeedGrader to:

  • Sort submissions by student and hide student names for anonymous grading
  • View submission details for each student, including resubmitted assignments
  • Use rubrics to assign grades
  • Leave feedback for your students
  • Track your grading progress and hide assignments while grading
  • View submissions in moderated assignments

Extra Credit

  • Add extra points to an existing Assignment - 45/40
  • Fudge Points (add/remove points) from a Classic & New Quiz - via Speedgrader
    Note: If you want to adjust points for a specific question within the quiz, you may want to use the quiz regrade feature.

Quiz regrade only works with specific quiz question types (MC, T/F, and MA) and only applies to students who have already taken the quiz. Adding or removing a question does not trigger the quiz regrade feature. Additionally, changing the point value for a quiz question also does not trigger a quiz regrade; the student's submitted quiz will show the updated point value, but the current grade won't change in the Gradebook. If you have edited your quiz in one of these three ways, you should moderate the quiz and let the student retake the quiz.

Canvas Guide - Extra Credit